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Thread: My Wishlist - and More

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    My Wishlist - and More

    I've been really short on time lately but hopped over here tonight and began looking at the store specials. I have tons of things in my wish list. So every week I'll go see what in my list is on sale and pick a couple (or more) sale items to buy. So tonight I go into by wish list and EVERYTHING in my list is on sale!!!! I'm going to have to win the lottery!

    To make it worse I'm spending all my trying to get an afghan finished before my new little granddaughter arrives - which should be any day now. I'm not anywhere close to done because I've torn it out too many times. That also explains why I've not been getting any layouts done lately. So - I really don't have the time to shop! Mercy!!!!
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    It's a happy dilemma, isn't it?

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  3. Sharon... I do the same thing ... I fill my wish list and wait for it to be on sale.... the quarterly sales are awesome.... it's a terrible dilemma to pick what to put in the cart.... but it's a pretty great weekend ....YOu should have time to fill that cart... a few times!
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    I suspect there are a few (!) of us who make more than one purchase during the sale times. I LOVE that we can now see if we already bought something. kwim? That is a big big help so another thank you to Randy.
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  5. Happy shopping, Sharon!

    And, a huge congratulations of the coming new granddaughter. What a wonderful/busy time of your life!!

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    Don't stress over it Sharon! It will all be on sale again one day. You're working on what is most important right now!

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    I have so many thing on my wish list, it isn't even funny. I made 2 purchases today for a layout and none of them originated in my wish list. All the products in this store are just too amazing and tempting!
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    I have a HUGE wish list!! Apparently over 100 items!
    I agree with what's been said before, your granddaughter is what's important and she will cherish your gift to her for years and years! Things will go on sale again!
    Happy waiting!
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    Took a break from the baby afghan. It appears that our new little muchkin is really taking her time on arriving. She will be named after my mother - who could be why she is being a little stubborn about arriving when we really want her to - Or it could be that Mom just wants to hold her a little longer before she lets her go. Either way - I took a break.

    So - did my shopping.. Went from having to win the lottery to making it a bit more manageable and concluded that I didn't have to clear out the store! Now I just need some time to scrap!
    aka - justbnsharon
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