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Thread: Good news on a difficult situation

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    Considering the circumstances, this is wonderful news! I am so glad! Lets keep this praying bit going so that she will get through this and get better soon!!!
    I agree! So glad she is feeling better and can at least eat now. Good news, Maureen, hope that she will continually feel better, we need to keep her in our prayers!

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    So good to hear Maureen, lets hope your DD gets a bed very soon, so that she can receive the treatment pronto!

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    I am so glad to hear the positive news. I have been doing little else but thinking about you and your family - prayers and thoughts.
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    "treatable" - I just want to cheer at that word, Maureen - all the best as you move through these difficult days.

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    Maureen, so sorry to read about your daughter in the earlier post, but so glad there is positive news now. I'll be thinking about you.

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    So releived to hear the more positive report. I'm sure you have been on a major roller-coaster ride over the past several days! I'll still keep you all in my prayers.
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    So happy to hear that you have had some good news Maureen! Sending positive thoughts your way for a successful and smooth treatment.
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    Wonderful news Maureen. Will keep you in my prayers.

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    Such good news, Maureen! I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts.
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  10. So glad you've had some positive news Maureen. I can't imagine what you and your family must have been going through and I hope things continue to improve. x

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    Good to read this positive update Maureen - continuing to send all our positive vibes xxx

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    Wonderful to hear positive news, Maureen... keeping y'all in my thoughts and prayers...

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    Fantastic news! I'll continue to pray for her and that the treatments go well.

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    So good to hear this more upbeat news Maureen! You and your family will remain in my thoughts!

  15. after all the anxiety i'm glad you have gotten some good news and a hopeful prognosis. blessings to you all!
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    Your relief is very apparent. So glad for this report. Still praying (in snowy, melting, flooding Seattle)

    Just passing through.

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  17. good to hear, still praying for you all!
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    Thumbs up

    Thanks again so so very much for all the good wishes and prayers. We've come home from Baltimore just zonked each day. Sitting and watching and waiting is exhausting as many of you know who have done hospital stays with family.

    Chemo is in day two and Liz is mostly sleeping. She is off her morphine drip and onto oral morphine, as the chemo should be alleviating the pain of the tumor pressing against her eye and elsewhere in her head. By Monday if she leaves the hospital,the morphine will be over.

    This is today's post from FB.

    Today was a visit with Liz's social worker. Her two sets of parents and her local brother came up with a plan to deal with her extensive outpatient treatment which may start..eek! Monday. We're talking about a possible 4 months.

    Tonight we bought her a bed, and started rearranging our house.

    Tomorrow am we meet with the head of Oncology at UMDMC to discuss the continuing treatment plan and her hopeful transfer to outpatient treatment at AnneArundelMC. (This is about 3 miles from our house!)

    Sunday we rest up.

    Thank you so much to her brother and Vince and Amy McCarron who will be alternating Liz's care with us, sometimes at their home down in NC. (Iain Mccarron - I know you would be as involved as everyone else if Mother Nature didn't throw a snowstorm into the mix. boo hiss)

    I am blessed to have such a giving family.
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    How wonderful that Liz has such a great support system already surrounding her. I pray that her treatment will be successful.

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    amazing how life can change in an instant... praying with you all Maureen...

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    It sounds like you are all working together as a support for each other and especially for her. I'll continue to keep you all in my prayers!
    aka - justbnsharon

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    What a blessing some good news are at such a time. Thank you for the update - I will wait for more news.
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    Glad to hear of the good news! My prayers continue to be with your family.
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    Very happy to hear the good news! How wonderful to have the support of your loving family.

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    Positive news xx
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    Great news Maureen...

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    Wonderful to hear positive news! You are all still in my prayers!

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    Hang in there on this tough road Maureen. It is sounding like your whole family and friends are rallying around. Thoughts are with you and your daughter x
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  29. Thanks for the update, Maureen. I am glad there is support for your DD going through this tough time so that it is not all on your shoulders alone.

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