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Thread: DesignerDigitals Title

  1. This is so fun to read this thread!

    Katie and Randy, you are so cool to do this!

    Congrats again, Heidi! Like I said in my first comment, YOU are one lovable GEEK!!

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    See............ GEEKS rule!!
    just call me Uma

    I guess I SHOULD remove the blinkie.
    BUT I'm not gonna!

  3. LMAO. DD rocks. Heidi your new title totally suits you. Please leave your current avatar alone are much prettier than the blue one!

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    Congrats Heidi - how cool is that!!!
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    Congratulations on your totally awesome new and original title!! So cool!! I kept reading the thread and noticed that your title did have "geek" in it! DD and Katie and Randy are the best!! :0)

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    Oh my gosh, Katie and Randy you are amazing LOL! This is just the best!!! Congratulations Heidi, so well deserved. Boy, are you ever special!!!!

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    Heidi, you are in a league of your own and this just proves it.....the title fits you perfectly and love that Katie and Randy did that for you!

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    Love it, love it, love it!!! YAY Heidi

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    This is such a wonderful place!!! Love your new title, Heidi!! WTG, Katie!!!

  10. See Heidi I told you we'd have 3 pages and we'd all be smiling ! WTG my unique "geek" digital friend.... lol! its well deserved... but so was creative!

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    LOL - Heidi - you have become a geek! Wowzers! What a fabulous community we have here at DD! xx

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    I do believe you are the true GeekCommander here! lol re the difference in 4ams pre and post children!
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    LOL! This is awesome... congratulations on your official geek status Heidi!
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    Totally geekaliscious! Congrats, Heidi, and way to go, Katie and Randy!

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    WooHoooooo! You're awesome, Katie!

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    That is awesome!

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    so deserving Heidi.
    you rock.

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    Congrats Heidi! Geek-dom rules!

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    You are just so much fun, Heidi! Loved reading all the comments and the fact that you got your title!
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    Congratulations Heidi! In the short time i have been part of this community, I have already gleaned some wisdom from you!
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    Congrats on your new Geek status....btw...I did hear your Janice (chandlers girlfriends) voice when you said....Oh.My.God. We are so blessed to have you here!!

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    Such a fun thread to read - Congrats Geek!!!

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    Congratulations Commander!

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    Love the new title!!

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    Oh Heidi - you are just too funny - You Geek you!!!
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    You checked the forum at 4.41 IN THE MORNING?!?!?! You are SO the geek title, ROFL.

    Katie and Randy rock!

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    You so deserve it! My gallery view will never be the same because of you. And so many other great ideas you have imparted. Thanks Heidi and Katie and Randy too for being so cool!

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  28. ROFL!!! - I've never met a nicer geek in my life Heidi you certainly deserve your very own title for all the help you've given everyone!!

    (Don't feel bad about the keyboard thing, the guys in the Apple store couldn't help me either - they just gave me a new USB keyboard for I'm still using the wireless one and got a spare if the function key thing drives me to distraction)

    Fiona x

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    Thanks you all for the sweet comments And yeah, I know it's geeky to check the forum at 4-ish. LOL!
    -anx -

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    Oh, to be a Commander with immediate upgrade to "Geek" Congrats, Heidi

    I LOVE DD!!

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