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Thread: Final Cut Pro X- Easier and Cheaper

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    Final Cut Pro X- Easier and Cheaper

    For those of you that are Mac users the new Final Cut is out and it is based on same platform as iMovie which makes it fairly easy to use for nonpros. Before now I always thought PC movie software was better because Final Cut was too hard and way, way too expensive. Not any longer. It's $299 which is a great price for all the features. The cool thing is that FCP allows you to import Photoshop files so basically you can showcase your SB pages in a Video format and insert video clips after a still frame of your pages. You can Zoom in on your Digi page and then Pan over etc. Sometimes its fun to admire your work with the whole family in a new format.

    Anyway, I believe I am going to download it and try it out soon as I have containers of old movie tapes that I would like to backup on DVD and eventually one day edit and convert to cute movies. It's fun to have them playing in the background when I am working on my laptop on a page of photos from that event. It helps me remember fun things that i might have forgotten!

    .....just sayin....

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    JUST SAYING.... DON'T tempt me!! LOL
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    Just Sayin' ...I think my brain would be on overload! Though I'd love to have my grandchildren do this for me...
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    I wish I had this. My problem is that I just spent (I mean Santa spent) $199 on Final Cut Express for my Christmas present. Now I can't justify it. And FCP is way way way better.




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