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Thread: Show Us Your Favorites!! (09-19-11)

  1. Oh, Julie, you're a sweetheart! Thank you!

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    There are too many wonderful pages this's so hard to choose just one! But I'm loving all the fall theme pages, so I'm picking "September" by Sarah aka shhbabymine. I just love the button tree!

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    Thanks for mentioning my page Marnie! Such an honor to be in this thread.
    One of my favorites was HeatherPrins A Beautiful Moment - I loved the natural elements and the cute photos.


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    This is a gem by Connie (scullen2). I love the series of photographs and the great color scheme.


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    Thanks so much, Janet.

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    Oh wow!! Thank you so much Beckie!!!!!

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    I absolutely ADORE the beautiful cover Jenelle made for her yearly album....every detail is perfect.

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    I love this ang66 - Angela, this is just so majestic!

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    Wow! I haven't been in the gallery for a week or so. So many wonderful, fabulous layouts. Y'all rock!

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    Jenelle, thank you so much! You have no idea what it means to me that you liked the page!
    -anx -

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    Heidi, I just LOVED your page
    Jana - thank you so very, very much (as I kneel and raise my arms chanting "I'm not worthy" - what an honour coming from you )

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    cbcockatoo thank you so much for mentioning my page!! I am always honored to be mentioned here with all this fabulous talent!! What a great start to my day!!

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    ah Kelly, praise indeed to be 'favourites' by you
    read all about it!... -->
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    Thank you for mentioning my page, Amy! It is such a day brightener to see it here!
    I am late to the game due to my Monday work schedule, making me even more excited to get to mention this beautiful page by dfwest:

    Her photography always just takes my breath away...and her simple but so beautiful and delicate designs (where there's more to see than you initially notice) are just perfect for her photos. Art.


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    Thanks so much Merrilee, such kind words I totally forgot to check this thread yesterday so here's my favourite from last week by Shannamay:


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    Thank you, Deb, for mentioning my page here!

    My favorite for the week (I'm playing late again, aren't I?) was Carol's "Rainbow Bridge". Call me unenlightened, but I had never heard the story of rainbow bridge, and I thought it wonderful.

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    It's refusing to post the picture again. Rrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Here's the link

    Bowie at Rainbow Bridge - Digital Scrapbooking Ideas - DesignerDigitals

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    Here's Carol's page for Shari:


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    connie, thank you so very much for your thoughtful and kind comments; you've made my evening!

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    Joanne, what a treat to see my page in this thread! Thank you so much!

    Among my favs for last week was Farmer's Market by Amy (akpatterson). I love the mix of blended and framed photos, and the produce looks so yummy!

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