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Thread: 3rd Quarter SALE Event Activities!!

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    Thumbs up 3rd Quarter SALE Event Activities!!

    Since we no longer have a chat room,
    This Saturday, September 10th, we will be hosting FOUR forum events each 90 minutes long entitled "Scrap It Together"
    A freebie link will be given out along with some rules and you will have 90 minutes to scrap your page with a random winner chosen at the end of each event to win a $10 store gift certificate!!!

    Here's our Line-up:
    10:00-11:30am EST :: CathyZ + Ali Edwards

    1:30-3:00pm EST :: Pattie

    5:00-6:30pm EST :: Katie

    9:00-10:30pm EST :: LynnG

    In addition... we will also be having a contest to give away an iPod Shuffle!! Stay Tuned!!!

    See you Saturday!!
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    Sounds like a lot of fun Katie!

    I'm having surgery Friday so I probably won't get to participate on Saturday. But I plan on doing a bunch of shopping!!

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    I will be away, so I'm bummed I'll miss this. Have fun everybody!

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    Yay!!! This sounds like tons of fun!!! Only problem is -- Camryn's bday party is this Saturday, so I will miss most of it. I would have loved to be there for this new way of celebrating this awesome place we call home and being a part of this new chat event!

    Best of luck to everyone!!! Those are awesome prizes!!

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    I'm really looking forward to this new format. Much healthier for our derrieres!
    Those chats start at midnight for us on the east coast of Australia, but I'll be sure to make it for the last two: Katie at 7:00 AM and LynnG at 11:00 AM
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    oh I am loving the new format!! Can't wait!

  7. Thanks Katie for the info - I'll be anxiously here waiting for the forum.... I lke 4 1.5 hour segments .... 90 minutes to do the challenge.... is it possible to do a page in 90 minutes.??? I think that will be my challenge to myself the rest of the week practice makes perfect...or at least I can see if it can be done by me???.....glad you are waiting til 10..... we will have had a chance to see the new stuff and buy it by then.... oooh I can hardly wait!

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    I am looking forward to checking this out. Probably only part of the day... Will I find the challenges on the forum page? Can't wait to buy some stuff!
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    Ah ha! Esther has looked after me and emailed me the time conversions YAY.

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    Whaaaat???? There is no chatroom???? Oh I will miss that.... but I am excited about the new format!! Always fun to try something new!

    I will be ready on Saturday at four o'clock in the afternoon *my time* for some scrapping, shopping and chatting in the forum.
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    This looks like so much fun. I have my son's football game in the morning but then I am free, free, free to scrap, scrap, scrap!

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    Ooh sounds interesting, but I'm sad there's no 30 minute masterpiece! Looking forward to it anyway.
    Chrissy x

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    This is soooo bad but since I am the head of Youth cheerleading for my community, and I have to be at the games from 7am to 6pm this Saturday working the spirit table...I am bringing my laptop and broadband card so I can do the events all day. Hee hee!! Can't wait.

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    Thanks Esther - I was trying to do the time conversions in my head, then I scrolled down and you'd done them for me. Hope I can join in too Sounds fun

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    Chrissy, you can always set a timer and find sounds of Vegas slot machines to get your heart racing and do your own 30min challenge! They were fun, but...probably not too healthy for our hearts.

    Ready to try the new format! Change is good!
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    so many good times in that chat room, lol....but I do love the new format Katie - all day chats were exhausting : )

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    I'm so excited for this new format...can't wait!

  18. Me too, love the new format! I know the gallery will ROCK with the 90 minute masterpieces for each time slot! See you here on Saturday!

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    I just know this is going to be loads of fun!!! It will be so much easier to follow than in the chat room

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    I'll be at the store until 19h30 this saturday, so i'll miss most of the chats!
    Can't wait to see the new format...

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    Yay!! I've always loved the quarterly event. Can't wait to participate in the new format!
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    Got it on my calendar!


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    Will there be instructions where to find the forum on Saturday? I am fairly clueless. So sorry. Thanks for your help.

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    yes, we will be helping you find your way to the right threads! But if you come to the site Saturday and click on New Posts the threads where we are chatting will show up
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    Yea, it's sale time again, I love the quarterly sales!! LOL, in spite of taking advantage of each sale, my wish list never seems to grow smaller, only bigger!

    I hope to be able to join in a bit on Saturday, we'll be out of town and I'm not sure I'll have internet access.


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    I'll be working a parade Saturday, but I hope to jump in on the last one. The new format sounds wonderful!!!
    Amy Mallory


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    Fun! Back in town now, getting organized and ready to go!

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    Can't wait for tomorrow! Thanks for hosting events even without a chat room...I think the new format sounds promising!

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    Will be looking forward to Saturday!!

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    I'll be there most of the day - depends what time I wake up! First thing will be turn computer on - go to forum - new posts!
    Yep, even before I have my coffee - sound fun!

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