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    Best iPad stylus

    Anyone? I want to use the Bamboo app. There's the Bamboo stylus, and I also found the Pogo stylus.

    Anyone using this and note taking / drawing apps?

    What are your favorites?

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    ooooo!! there's a Bamboo App?? can't help with your question, Myra, but i'm off to check out the App!

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    Myra ... I'm using it and loving it! Wacom sent me the Bamboo stylus to try out and it's very nice. Can't give you any advice about the other because I've only used the Bamboo. (I didn't even know I wanted one until they sent me one to test!) Seriously, it's a nice stylus. It has enough weight to it to feel just right in my hand and there is a "pen style" clip on it that I love because I can clip it in an inside pocket in my purse or tote and know where it is when I need it.

    The app is free is you only want to create one "notebook" (collection of notes/page) but there is a small charge to upgrade to multi notebooks. I love being able to sketch ideas or take quick notes in a meeting.

    Hope this helps!

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    I'm all over it Pattie. Thanks!

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    Huh? Oh dear I need to look further into these apps. I don't know what I need!

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    Hey Carol, I downloaded the free Bamboo app to use for drawing, note taking etc. I'm going to get another handwriting/drawing app so I can sketch too. I'll let you know what I get. You can use your finger, but it feels weird.

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    Another check mark to add to my "I want an iPad" sticky!!! This sounds so cool.

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    Pattie, the Bamboo stylus ($29.99) at Wacom is out of stock but Amazon has ones for the same price - model CS100K. Same one you have???

    I'm thinking it would be a nice gift for my I can use his iPad. I really don't know that we need two in our house but then again...
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    oh you guys are such enablers... plugging my ears and eyes.... don't need the Ipad, don't need it....lalalala

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    Thanks for sending me here. I will look up the Bamboo Stylus and Pogo. I know the post is old, but I will check it out. Pattie never answered your last post, she is busy must of missed it.

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    I have a nomad paintbrush stylus for my ipad that's lots of fun! And a simple one I picked up at target!
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    We've talked about getting an iPad for Christmas! If we do, I'll need to check out these apps and styli!

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