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Thread: How is it possible

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    How is it possible

    that after the al the $$$ I have spent here I am still finding stuff in the store I want to play with?!! I have already added to cart today and I just shopped on Saturday!

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    Heather - I know the feeling my wish list just grows - I thought I had just about all the "old" basics covered after the Christmas in July sale - then everyone comes up with more ideas for more of the "old" basics that I haven't seen ... I've yet to figure out how they come up with more new stuff for us week in week out and then there are zillions of ways to use old and new stuff I don't have.- I just love DD and can't believe it's so wonderful here - so much better than the last 2 or so years I was doing digital elsewhere from the templates to the gallery and every where in between. I got almost everything this week that came out but I had to skip a few things and it just was a tough choice on what not to get - ! Debbie



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