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Thread: Unzipping with a MAC

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    Unzipping with a MAC

    Hello Everyone,

    I am hoping someone who is MAC savvy can help me figure out what the heck is going on. Here is my LONG story:
    I just this past February purchased an iMAC for the purposes of digital scrapbooking, however this is my first time owning a MAC computer!! Prior to purchasing the computer I did purchase digital scrapbooking kits and since I did not have a computer of my own (I used my work computer) I downloaded everything to an external hard drive where it all now resides.

    I purchased PSE 9 last week (so excited because now I can officially START this digi scrapbooking thing ) and when I was going through a tutorial to help me figure this all out I got stuck at inserting an element because everything was still zipped.
    When I go in to the Finder I can get to everything and it "unzips" it but when I am in PSE it still shows it as zipped. So do I have to keep the Finder window with the unzipped elemnets up and running in the bckground? I am so new to MACs that I am not fully understanding how this all works and I don't want to have to repurchase these kits I already have

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    sounds very odd but i would:

    1) restart the mac

    2) unzip everything and move the zipped files to a different location than the "unzipped" files

    3) launch PSE, navigate to the unzipped folders and PSE should see these folders easily.
    not sure if it will work, but give it a go.

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    Rest assured that if you have your zipped files, you won't have to repurchase them! Take a deep breath and know that it will work out. Learning a new computer and a new software product at the same time is a bit of a challenge, but many here have gone through it and survived! ETA: Have you worked in any version of PSE before?

    I hope this isn't stating the obvious to you but all your zip files end with .zip. The unzipped file just has a folder name, not a .anything. My iMac doesn't open a folder, but it does open the items inside them when selected.

    Are the zips still on your ehd? Once you unzip them, you will see the folder with a full name, not the zip name. e.g. the current sale item is named "KPertiet_FriendsWordArtNo3" but the zip is named DS831933.

    If you are talking about a Designer Digital product, you can click the zip file to unzip it, and then look to see where it was unzipped to on your computer by doing a Finder search with the exact name of the unzipped product. Once you find your unzipped files, you'll be good to go.
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