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Thread: Gettin' a little crazy here...

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    Gettin' a little crazy here...

    Everyone knows I am a linear scrapper. Clean, graphic designs are mostly what come out of my brain.

    After seeing a post on Cathy's blog, I decided to order a Smashbook. I'm going to get a little crazy and go hybrid! I was thinking it would be the perfect place to "smash" all the little bits of paper I can't let go of, as well as Instagram photos I print. I've already printed a bunch of Ali's journal blocks like this, and Cathy's word art like this.

    It's going to be smashing! And... I WILL color outside the lines. Watch my new, messy self go! Jake's doing an art journal too of his Lego ideas. I hope he keeps it up!

    Anyone else doing this?

  2. Sounds totally cool and now I am so curious to see how you used the word arts ! I have heard of the smash books but would not be able to find them where I am. Sounds exciting and I really want to see what you come up with !

  3. Can't wait to see what you come up with Myra.....hope you share what Jake does too!!

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    I have never heard of a smash book but you have me totally intrigued. I'm going to check out Cathy's blog now. Thanks for sharing!


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    I have had a few in my cart for my kids at amazon for a while now.... guess i should just go press order ) cant wait to see what your smashing side comes up with... and jake would love to see what jake does making a lego book
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    Quote Originally Posted by Myra View Post
    Everyone knows I am a linear scrapper. Clean, graphic designs are mostly what come out of my brain.
    Just so you know it, Myra... I love your clean, graphic style. Makes me not feel so alone.
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    Go wild Myra!!!

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    It will be so much fun to let loose and doodle! I hope you post some photos so we can see what you come up with!
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    You are just a 'wild and kuh-ray-uh-zee' gal Myra! I have been collecting bits and envelopes and papers to make one, and it it goes well, I'll make one for each of my granddaughters for school. Fortunately, they go back in September, not August.

    Here's a video that shows the original ideas and then the 'store bought' Smash book version. Smash book concept
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    I can't wait to see this project!!! It sounds like fun and I also am going to check out Cathy's blog. Have fun getting messy!!!
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    Is the sun still rising in the east?? Can't wait to see what you come up with, Myra, and hope you'll post pictures of your creation in the hybrid gallery.

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    OMG -what an amazing concept. I've just placed an order...Finally a place to put the messy, sentimental, unstructured part of me. TFS!
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  13. Have been on a waiting list for a Smashbook all summer, so time to give Amazon a try. Thanks for the reminder Miss M! Sometimes, you just have to get messy!!!

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    Wow.. thanks Maureen, Ive just watched the SMASH video, so creative and fun... I LOVE this idea..

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    I love the Smashbook concept - it is so cool. Good luck Myra!! I totally applaud when we try to stretch ourselves a little and go outside our comfort zones - well done !! Totally inspiring.
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