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Thread: Need Layout Suggestions

  1. Need Layout Suggestions

    Hi all! I have 8 or 10 snapshots of my grandmother at various ages (age 7 up to abt 90) and I'd like to put them on single (2 pgs if it gets too cramped) 12x12 layout along with a few snips of documents and elements relating to important times in her life. I have cleared out the background of each photo so that each is a cutout of her- some full-length, some head & shoulders only. But now that I've gathered everything and am ready to put it together I can't come up with a good layout and way to put the photos in that looks nice.
    I may just go back and use the original photos instead of the cutouts, because that I know I can put together into something that I'll be happy with, but I really like the idea of using the cutouts-- just can't come up with a way to do it so they don't look like random stickers plopped on the page.
    I'd appreciate ANY suggestions!

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    I've done that on two pages - one of my grandmother and one of my father. Let me just see if I can find them in my gallery, one tick.

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    Here's the one I did on grandma, I've linked it up if you want to see closer, probably one of my favourite pages I have done on her:


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    To be honest I would probably use the original photos, edit them in lightroom or photoshop until you are happy with the effect, and start creating your layout. Next I would pick a kit that speaks to you. Choose a colour scheme you think would work with the photos, a frame pack or cluster frame you love, and maybe get some blank journalling blocks to use for the documentation/stories you have, and start creating Have fun and search the gallery for inspiration!

    Here are some product ideas...

    Hope this helps,

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    I've used this template

    Layered Memories No. 077 - Digital Scrapbooking Templates DesignerDigitals

    for a collage of my daughter. Not the same feel that you're going for since my DD is young, but it worked for a bunch of unrelated photos. I think it would probably look more uniform if you either used the full pictures, or put the cutouts in front of a similar-shaped background to give a little unity and balance. This is the page I did with that template. Good luck!
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  6. Nice inspiration- thank you! Maybe I can mostly use the original photos with 1 of the cutouts as a blend/ overlay on the background, and another 1 or 2 of the cutouts like elements dropped on top of the other items.
    I'll have to play around with it a bit....

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    I did this one with brushwork in the background. You could change them up for the pages or keep a theme this way.

    And I did this one with Katie's Photo Clusters No.21 (altered).

    Templates might be the way to go if you have tons of photos and I totally agree with Melissa about picking a kit that speaks to you. I also agree that you should use the photos. There is a lot of background "stuff" that is a lot of fun to look at and can tell a story or spark a memory with the person looking at the book. Can't wait to see your pages. What a treasure to have so many photos of her.

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    Oh, love all these suggestions! I've also been in love with all the layouts using the Lots of Shots templates lately... Makes for a very clean and graphic look to the page, but since it's a heritage page, that might not be what your after. But I'll just pop up the link for you anyway.

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    I think it might be easier to use the full photo and then add a photo treatment to help unify the photos. You can always blur the backgrounds to have a similar effect to the cutout.

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    If you wanted to use the pictures as sort of portraits, Katie has a wonderful series of frames that might be just perfect:

    Frame Me No. 03C - Digital Scrapbooking Elements DesignerDigitals


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    I would use the whole photo instead of cutouts!! I love heritage photos and even if they are in poor condition they are special memories to scrapbook. The wonderful ladies here have given you some great suggestions!!

  12. Wonderful suggestions- I'll be sure to share whatever I come up with.

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