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Thread: Quick HELP!!!

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    Quick HELP!!!

    Here are my options - DH surprised me in that hes heading to the store right now to get my new camera -
    he wasnt suppose to get it til the move was complete - but thought i would want to document it -
    so heres my options:
    Olympus Evolt E-500 8 MP 14-45 & 40-150 LENS
    Canon Rebel EOS XT 8MP 18-55 KIT
    NIKON D40 - 6.1 MP 18-55 KIT
    I take TONS of pics - lots inside - will be adding lenses & flash accesories soon - help me pick!
    shhbabymine (sarah)
    canon rebel xti
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  2. Sarah, I have the Nikon D80 and I love it. I'm not sure about these others, though, so I hope that you get help soon. Try reading the "Summary Review" on this site, I trust this guy's opinions. Good luck!

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  3. Cassie

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    thanks cassie - he just dropped off a canon rebel xt...
    i know there is a rebel xti now with 10.0 mp. he checked with a friend who is in graphic design & photography in the area & he said since i was such a beginner (LOL) that its not enouch difference between the 8mp & 10 mp to get the more expensive one YET! so I am off to open the box & experiment... we certainly wont be opening up the new computer until our move is finished - but i cant wait to play!!
    thanks cassie - for your help!!!
    shhbabymine (sarah)
    canon rebel xti
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    You'll love your Rebel Sarah! For what it's worth I shoot with the original Digital Rebel (6MP) and I've yet to feel the need to upgrade to a higher res camera body. Welcome to the won't be long before you're back in here asking for advice on lenses!

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    thanks pattie - i have been going through a rebel tutorial already tonight (Rick sammon) its been quite helpful to just make me NOT so nervous about all of it!!!
    I will certainly be asking for all of yalls advice soon - i can already tell!
    shhbabymine (sarah)
    canon rebel xti
    my gallery

  7. Sarah,

    Don't look back. Enjoy what you've got and don't be scared....just have fun and experiment and play. I have both Cannon and Nikon and my Rebel XT keeps up well and there will always be more mps but just how big are you printing anyway??? Like Pattie said, the next thing is your lens wishlist and supply. Just remember it's not the camera it's the shooter and how you capture. The technical part is second. The group here really is helpful on specifics so you're in good company. Keep that trigger finger going.

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    People ask me all the time what camera should they get --nikon/canon/olympus ..... I always respond

    " Mercedes or BWM ?" they have so mnay of the same features its simply what you think you will like.

    Also the whole megapixel thing si totally overrated and over sold. people think becasue their camera is 10mp its the BEST ... a 6mp camera is PERFECT for 99.99% of situations. It prints BIG --- and certainly big enough for almost all of us.

    Enjoy the new camera ---its such fun !

    ps theres is another site which is great that you can compare 2 or 3 cameras against each other and the reviews come from ordinary people --not salesmen...

  9. Hi! I have the Rebel xti & honestly the 10mp is kind of overkill - it is eating up my hard drive space! I agree that the whole Canon/Nikon thing is just personal preference. Anyway - since you have the Canon & you take lots of pics indoors (so do I) might I suggest a couple of accessories?
    Speedlite 430 EX - much better than the built-in flash
    an Image Stabilizing lens
    The IS lenses are not cheap but I think it really helps. I also need it because my husband shakes the camera so bad - even though he is an expert marksman!

  10. Oh - something on my wishlist is a 50mm f1.8 lens - I read about it on Ali Edwards' blog. Then I researched it & for the price (75 dollars!) it is awesome.
    I also want a macro lens but that is not so cheap.

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    Just wanted to mention, I am incredibly jelous.....enjoy your new toy!!!!! Hopefully Ill be right behind you asking away for advice....!

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    Ok, here goes, I'm a Nikon girl but I would TOTALLY recommend Canon. I've just invested way too much in Nikon to switch at this point.



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