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Thread: I seem to be becoming the photography "go-to" girl among my friends

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    I seem to be becoming the photography "go-to" girl among my friends

    Ever since I bought EVERY ONE of Katrina's tutorials and took a couple of her classes at Get it Scrapped, I've become the "go to" gal for my friends. It's fun that my friends notice the improvement of my skills, but it is cracking me up that I seem to be getting more and more emails from friends asking me about taking pictures, what software, what camera, how do I process, how do I digi-scarp, etc. Seriously, this weekend I received two emails--one about LR, and one about how to buy Katrina's tutorials.

    What cracks me up, is that I know *so very little* about photography. I mean, I have learned a great deal from my point and shoot days. I have improved tremendously on my shooting skills--apparently that is very evident to my friends--but I would still just consider myself an unexperienced amateur. So when I get comments like, "you really know what you are doing", I just giggle.

    Has this happened to you to? I must admit though, I love the incredulous tone of my hubby's voice when he says, "wow, that's a great picture babe!"
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    That's wonderful!!! It's so nice when someone notices all your hard work.
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    You obviously have a great eye and it shows through on your photographs too. What a great compliment for your friends to ask for your skill.

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    Kelly, that's similar to what has happened to me. We have a self-appointed "professional" in our group who is making a decent living over-charging people and she is really quite mediocre. I'm not saying that to be grumpy; her work is so-so and she takes on average 400-500 frames to get 1 or 2 shots worth purchasing. But I am the "free" photographer in our group and I have been doing informal portraits, Christmas card pictures, and that kind of thing for a couple of years now. Hey, you get what you pay for---so there is no pressure for me to perform, because if they don't like it, well, they didn't have to pay for it to begin with.

    I've done camera and photography classes and it's so easy to impress people, really. But even if I am blowing a little smoke, they are still learning, and it's fun. A few girlfriends, though, really maintain that anyone with a camera can take great shots because the equipment is so good these days. But I've seen art from a P&S and garbage from a $2,000 Canon dSLR so it doesn't really hold water.

    Keep up the learning, have fun with your new role. Having people to share it with makes it all that much more fun. My closest friend has 4 kids, and she has a decent Nikon but just does not have a care for photography. She's tried to pick up momentum but it's not in her personality. She told me a few weeks ago that every good picture she has of her kids in the past six years I've taken. And it's sad, but it's true. So you never know what kind of a gift you're giving by being "that" friend! It makes me feel appreciated and needed. And as great as you are with your photos now, it will help you even more having that accountability.
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    You go girl!
    Isn't it awesome to be doing something you love and enjoy and to have your friends recognizing that and better yet, complimenting you on it and coming to you for guidance!
    I bet that feels totally super!!

    It is about having "the eye" and an affinity with imagery more then anything, and you obviously have that! Taking classes and learning more will only improve your technical skills so much more and help you finetune your "sight" and make your wonderful photographs even better!

    I'm like Sarah, I'm the "free" photographer in our group of friends, and so enjoy it when people tell me they like a photo I made or even better yet, a card I did.
    I've made a card to congratulate friends with their newborn baby boy and they were so thrilled with it, they even said I should'v designed their announcements! /blush /blush
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    That is so fun!! And I know exactly what you mean. I am also the "go-to" photographer that everyone can count on.
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    I'm right there with you, Kelly! I think I have fooled my friends by making them think I actually know what I am doing. Photography is my play time and I just enjoy the process even though I don't know as much as I should by now. I learn the most from my DD friends!!!
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    I'm in the same situation, it is really funny. My girlfriend already informed me that i just had to take a picture of her GS in this particular outfit... she knows how much I love doing it though so it's all good

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    Wonderful Kelly! You should be proud of your skills!
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    that's awesome, Kelly.

    myself, I'm very uncomfortable taking photos that non family are counting on. there was a time when lots of my mommy friends went into realty and they started wanted me to take their portraits. it took a lot of strength to just say, no no no! "but I'll buy you lunch!" no no no!

    glad to hear you're enjoying it.

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    Isn't it fun!?!

    Tried to steer my friends over to Katrina but have not been successful. One even took the Life Captured class with me but did not do the lessons but, comments on the quality of my photography. Umm ... what more can you do? ... it's the leading the horse to water theory, I guess.

    Congrats on all the wonderful compliments. Your photos are great.


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    Congrats to you, Kelly on your reputation as a good photographer! Sounds like your friends know talent when they see it!

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    What a great story! So happy you (and others!) are enjoying your improving skills.

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