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    Nikon School

    I have found the time and would love to re-embark on my old hobby. I have a lot of experience with my old SLR, but switched to a point and shoot years ago. After many months of research (which included reading all the threads here - thank you for all the great tips) I will be purchasing a Nikon DLSR (still undecided on the D5000 or the D3100) over the weekend. Nikon School has photography workshops here in NY and I was wondering if anyone has attended their workshops and what their experience was. I wanted to see if they were worth the money before I registered. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I've never attended either but sure will be interested in hearing anyone elses reply
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  3. I have not personally attended but a friend did and LOVED it. She is an seasoned amateur, attended both days and came back raving about what she learned and felt it was well worth the cost. Her photography did significantly improve as a result of the class.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Just wanted to say congrats on the getting a new camera!
    (I'm no help..I'm a canon girl! )

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    I have been thinking of attending their class also. Would love to hear any reviews.

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    For Christmas my hubby surprised me with a seat in their class in Austin Tx, it isn't until April 9th, but I am very interested to see what I learn!



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