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Thread: Fong's lightsphere!

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    LOL . . . you can set those things (jj). I have always left mine on the TTL setting. Honestly . . . I've never read the book. One day I will and I'll kick myself for not learning more sooner. Can't wait to hear what those of you who "know" have to say. Oh, and I bought Fong's whole bundle of things, and they should be here by the end of the week. Maybe I'll read my book before then

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    Oh man is big chance to sound like the fabulous wise photographer...and I'm going to blow it! The truth of the matter is that I took that photo of my son and the puppy with both my flash and my Rebel on the auto settings. I popped the cloud Lightsphere on and just took the shot without fussing with anything. Sorry to disappoint!

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    Mine just arrived too... boy you are all such enablers.... hoping to play around with it... I'm an automatic only picture taker... so ANY tips would be appreciated!
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    I don't usually use much flash, but when I do, boy I wish I had gotten one. I usually just bounce off the ceiling or window...
    You are totally giving me the itch to buy a lightosphere. Like I NEED more stuff!

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