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Thread: Night photography/long exposure tutorials

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    Night photography/long exposure tutorials

    One of DH hobbies is Astronomy (that is good, he is always ahead of me in toys so I don't feel guilty and can never catch up to him). Anyway, he is involved in the committee for this year's national conference in Bryce Canyon National Park. I want to take night pics and that will involve a tripod and long exposure time. I am so excited to learn and to also take photos of the crowd!! Astronomers use red lights to see at night and walk around because red does not affect the retina and they can still see the stars clearly. They surround their telescopes and the bases with red led ropes so others do not trip on the telescopes.

    Anyway, point me to night photography tutorials. Katrina . . . anyone . . .? I know that I can google this but I hope that someone who speaks "simple" can help me.

    Thanks, Sallie

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    Sounds like a great idea for me to get to work on Sallie

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    Katrina ... can't wait to see what you put together. During our recent snow event, it started at night and I tried to get a few pics around some street lights but it wasn't nothing but blur ... and it was toooooo cold for me to stay outside trying different settings just to see if I could get a decent photo.

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    Oh Katrina, I'm anxiously waiting for that tutorial. Thanks to you and your blog I was able to get a really nice picture of the moon for the 1st time!
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