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Thread: A HUGE Katrina and Angie Thank you!

  1. A HUGE Katrina and Angie Thank you!

    So last year I did something pretty "radical." I watched as Angie did her December Daily pages and saw how great her shots were and she credited Katrina's Get Me off Auto ebook (Get Me Off of Auto Photography eBook - Digital Scrapbooking eBooks) . I decided then and there that that was going to be my New year resolution. For once and for all I was going to learn how to use my camera...gasp on Manual!
    The get back into shape resolution may not have been as successful but I can honestly say it's been a year of taking pics on Manual...and I'm not looking back. The only time that the camera has been on auto is when my Hubby takes a pic.
    SO thank you Angie for inspiring me that I could do it and Katrina Thank you for giving me the tools to get there! One year on Manual and counting!!

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    Congratulations! Having that tutorial has given so many of us a boost, hasn't it? Your photography has been incredible this year!

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    Awww...I'm so happy that I gave you the push.

    I can't even imagine where I would be without Katrina. I owe so much to her. I feel like she gave me the tools to move my life in a direction that I only dreamed possible.

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    Oh wonderful, I still haven't quite taken that leap, but I don't always shoot on auto any more, I do get adventurous onto AV, ROFL.

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  5. Come on Carol you can do it...if I can do it anyone can!!!

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    I am so, so pleased I could help you out. Posts like this mean so much to me. In all of my writing and teaching my driving force has been to help people document their lives more fully with photos they love. I am so glad to spend the year with you doing that

    Angie...your comment brings tears to my eyes this morning. Who knew it would take your life in such an awesome direction!

    Thank you all.

    And well done to've done the hard work!

    (and in the future I won't type on my phone at 4 in the morning )

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    I think this should be my new year's resolution this year. I've moved to shooting in aperture priority, so surely I could go the rest of the way -- yes? Gonna pull out Katrina's tut and take the plunge.

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    I'm with Linda. Because of Katrina I'm never on auto, but I'm not solely manual either. I'm going to try to go to the next level and I think this year's 365 is a great way to practice.

  9. Me too! I made the jump to Aperture priority then just recently to manual... and I agree that Katrina's tutorials and classes are perfect! I love how she gives simple directions that gradually increased my skill.
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  10. Add me to the list of those thanking Katrina for getting me off auto with my DSLR. Thank you, Katrina!

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    I haven't used anything but manual in months, thanks to Katrina!!! I have always admired the wonderful photography on her pages and that inspiration led me to pursue photography and to fall in love with it! I can never say enough of her classes and her tutorials and I am so grateful to her!!

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    I got off auto before Katrina's book came out, but I really can vouch for it. Such a great step to take to make you understand what is really going on when you snap that shot. Katrina's book is awesome, so anyone who is interested in this should get it. It will change your photography in a great way!

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    Another very grateful person here!

    I just love taking photos so much more since I can actually get the effects I want!!
    I actually bought another copy of Katrina's book two days ago for my aunt, and she's absolutely loving it!
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    Ditto! I've had to let daily photography take a back seat this past year but just yesterday, I took my camera for a walk around the lake and had so much fun digging into my feeble brain for all the creative info Katrina has shared. I even came home with some shots that brought a smile to my face. Last night I did Julieanne Kost's tuts on LR3 then reorganized my folders. Next years process of downloading should be so much easier and effective. B&H has a wonderful price on a Manfrotto tripod so I just clicked "buy". I'm looking forward but... not ready to commit to 365 again... think the monthly summary could fit into my life. Thanks to all of you inspiring people in this fabulous community. You always give me a boost. And Katrina tops the list for encouragement and willingness to help in sharing her vast knowledge.

  15. I can't even imagine where I would be without my guru Katrina!! She taught me everything I ya K!!

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    Here's to you, Katrina! Happy New Year and thank you so very much for providing the inspiration, encouragement and confidence that we could indeed do it!

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    Thank you all so much. You know how to make my heart happy!

    Remember, you've done the hard work.

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    I agree 100%!!! I've had my camera for 2 years and the first year I was primarily on auto. But this year I don't recall using auto at all. THANKS to Katrina's ebook and her blog. I have become comfortable with manual mode as well. I have friends that talk about their digital cameras and say "oh, I always use auto, wish I could learn how to use the other settings". I immediately refer them to this site and tell them to purchase Katrina's "Get Me Off Auto" book.

  19. Last Christmas, I was over the moon when after Miss K's help I got beautiful Bokeh. It has all been uphill from there. She is a rock star to all of us. Thank you so much for always being there.

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    I just have to say that buying Katrina's "Captured Through the Lens" online class was probably the best purchase I've ever made! I still can't believe how much I learned in such a short time! My sister has listened to me go on & on about that class for over a year, and now that she's just purchased her first digital SLR, she was hoping to take the class too! Since it doesn't seem to be offered at the moment, I was thinking of recommending "Get Me Off Auto" to her. Does anyone know if this ebook covers most of the same topics as the online class?

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    Just seeing this post but let me add, I've only had my DSLR a 1 1/2 years but because of Katrina, I never started shooting in Auto, ok once in a blue moon when it was more important to get the shot. I shoot in AV mostly and sometimes manually. Katrina you're the bomb!

    Buy the tuts you will be so glad you did!
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    I'm next! I don't really know what any of the terminology means... So I'm scared but excited to give Katrina's tutorial a try! That's the first thing I'll be buying in the next sale!

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    I bought Katrina's tutorial when I got my Nikon D5000 a few months ago but *gasp* it's still sitting my my download folder! This thread was just the boost I needed to break it out and really use it. I'm adding this as a resolution for the year!

    ~ Heather



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