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Thread: RULES for Patterned Paper

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    RULES for Patterned Paper

    Ok, the notes will be up on Monday. But those who attended know what we know, right?

    Here's the challenge rules....

    1. Use your own already created page

    2. Redo using Patterned Paper

    3. Post in the Special Event Gallery by 6PM Eastern Tomorrow

    3rd Quarter 2010 Chat Event - Digital Scrapbooking Ideas - DesignerDigitals

    4. Include in your title Pattern Play ( so I know who is entering)- If you already won a Gift Certificate note NOT PLAYING on your title...

    5. Most important:

    Include in your comments which idea you used from the chat to change your page AND a link to your page you are redoing.

    Random generator number will pick a page...and I will post tomorrow after 6 PM... more like 7....

    I had a blast. Thanks for coming.
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    Thanks Patricia, it was a fun chat!

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    OK, I am NOT very good at following rules, I guess! Oops! I just created a layout using the patterned papers in the freebie. Realized my goof when I checked this thread in the forum to make sure I was posting in the right place. Such a newbie! ;( Nevertheless, I shall link my page!

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    And thanks, again, too!

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    I hope I get a chance to do-I really want to make some patchwork somewhere-great chat-thanks

    Imagine the possibilities...and Happy, Happy, Happy!

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    Loved this chat and even took notes myself of the 5 points. I love patterned paper and will become more adventurous in using it.

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