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    All About Me Challenge Master List ***Updated July 30, 2012***

    ****Updated: February 2014

    I've had a couple of requests for a master list of the All About Me Challenges, so here they are. There are 14 as of today and I'll try to remember to update the list as we go along.

    And you can always find all the blog posts by clicking on the All About Me category on the blog if you want to read more about the challenges or see the inspiration pages.

    The challenges are:

    1. Me now
    2. How I got here
    3. Things that make me smile
    4. When I was your age
    5. A day in my life
    6. I am so good
    7. What's in my purse
    8. What Mom means to me
    9. Things that make me sad
    10. My best friend
    11. Yummy things
    12. What's in a name
    13. The music of my life
    14. I believe
    15. My style
    16. Right now
    17. My books
    18. If I could do anything
    19. Why I love scrapbooking
    20. I always wanted to be
    21. I am so grateful for
    22. The joy of the holiday season
    23. Day in the life (one year or one month later on the same day)
    24. My goal is
    25. How I met you (your spouse, best friend, etc...)
    26. My favorite shopping experience (or store)
    27. My hometown
    28. Mother's Day
    29. My favorite vacation
    30. I am quirky because
    31. What frustrates me
    32. Out of my comfort zone
    33. How technology has changed my life
    34. I am grateful for
    35. What gives me joy
    36. Self-portrait
    37. Something I love
    38. Top 10 list about yourself
    39. Life Lessons I'm working on
    40. How am I doing so far? (update progress on your goals)
    41. 7 random facts
    42. What "fun" means to me right now
    43. Pet Peeve
    44. At This Moment

    And I'm always up for requests, too! I got a bunch of great ideas at the last quarterly AAM chat, but feel free to let me know if you have other ideas. We still have almost half a year and I expect we'll keep this challenge going after that, too, so I'll keep a file of all the ideas.
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