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Thread: Photo business name opinions needed!

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    Photo business name opinions needed!

    I'm planning to start my own photography business this year (scary) and am entertaining a couple different names. Can you give me your opinions?

    Option 1)
    Heidi Knight Photography (my name, obviously)

    Option 2)
    Laney Belle Photography

    Thank you!


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    I vote for Heidi Knight. My own is Jennifer Adams Photography... you just can't go wrong with your own name!

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    Hmmm, I think your name personally.

    Good luck, Heidi!! You will be excellent at it. I have wanted to do that too, however I need the camera first, LOL!!

  4. Hi! I also think that your name is best unless you will be specializing in babies & children - then I think Laney Belle could be good.

  5. What does the second name represent?

    I would love to know where the second name came from, is it a childs name?? I own a portrait Studio, and I named it after my Daughter, JLM Creative Photography, it is a mouthful, but I am very attached to it and it has dual meaning since her initials also can stand for Jesus Loves Me. Good Luck with the business, if you need any advise, feel free to ask, I have been in business for almost 6 years now and it is my full time occupation (other than motherhood of course ).

    Christie Mumm

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    I'm wondering if you would get a lot of calls for "Ms. Bell" if you went with Laney Bell...although I love that!
    LOVES it here!

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    I think I like your name best too!

  8. I like your name the best. It sounds very competent to me. Laney Belle sounds like it is only geared towards young children (but maybe that's what you want).

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    I like your name best . I too use my name - and its easy for people to remember.

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    definitely love your name. how better to brand yourself? and you're a lucky girl to have a catchy name. it flows.

  11. You can always diversify if you stick with just your name and it's easier for people to remember than a company name at times. I have always been The Art Farm but have recently added my name to cover both.

  12. Thank you for the feedback everyone! I'm going to stick with my name. I agree with everything that was mentioned and appreciate your responses!!

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    Well I see you already made your decision... good choice!
    Wanted to add a big CONGRATULATIONS for you too!!
    It's something I would like to persue someday perhaps... so be sure and share all the details...

  14. I think you need to be doing it NOW Kim! I know with the new baby on the way and everything you have going on with the kids it would be hard, but you are so GOOD that you need to be charging for you photos! I saw the wedding pictures you did for your friend and was just blown away! So amazing and professional! It doesn't hurt that you're a master of PS so you can edit them to the highest caliber too. I always think some nice photo editing/enhancement in PS makes a good photo great. I also try to shoot so that I don't have to edit much but I get a little snap happy too, lol.

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    Great choice, Heidi! I love it!!



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