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Thread: What's your colour?

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    What's your colour?

    I know some people at work have had their colours 'done' and have completely re-worked their wardrobe as a result! I tend to be drawn to certain colours and can be a bit safe and boring although I'm trying to branch out a bit and have recently purchased a bright pink cardigan which I've worn with an aqua top -ouch!! . I would never EVER wear yellow and tend not to go for red as a first choice. I'm being nosy -what's your favourite colour to wear and what colour would you NEVER be seen in?


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    I've been told that pink and red are my best colors. I cannot under any circumstances wear fall colors (earthy tones) like brown, taupe, khaki, olive, gold. I also cannot get away with bright orange, yellow, green, or chartreuse. I guess I can wear bright versions of any color with some red or blue in it. Some pastels---light blue, pink, coral, green---look good on me. Complexion has everything to do with it, and I am very light-skinned.
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    I had my colors done "back in the day," and the consultant said I was an autumn. I'm not so sure because I am drawn to winter colors -- navy, rich red, etc. I tried wearing autumn colors, but they're just not me. I like the jewel tones.

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    I had my colors done a long time ago. She had me in all pastels which is all wrong!! I love deep colors and usually wear brown, maroon, black and navy. I will also wear the same colors in lighter version, but don't consider them pastel.

    The color consultant did my sister and I and a makeup consult as well (bday present for sis) - she drew a freakin' butterfly on my eyelids with irridescent green eye liner- matched up nicely with coral lipstick and bright coral blush. We left her shop laughing our heads off and walking around downtown with our "makeover". I don't know that I'd ever pay for something like that again...

    I did go a little crazy recently and bought a faded red scoop neck tshirt in a worn/sheer-ish cotton (burnout) - would like to incorporate red more, but it's hard to find the right shade.

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    I'm an autumn -tried and true. It was not a big surprise to me when I had my *colours* done 20 years ago. I used to follow it religiously, but now that I'm over 60 I've attained the status of not caring about that so much and I can be the winter/spring that I've always envied. What it does for you though, is help your wardrobe budget. You tend to have things that always go-together.
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    Oh my... forgot all about that. Had my colors done 30 yrs. ago and the pallet must be around here someplace. Can't remember what I was. My hair is white now... eyes blue... so I ten to wear a lot of black with reds... periwinkle... etc. Got my interest again... must go check and see what I was in my other life. Fun thread Fiona

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    I had my colors done way back when and was told I was a winter. I've pretty much stuck with the cool color palette ever since.

    In college, to be practical, I chose camel, tans and beige for my neutrals. Those colors made me look drab and yellow skinned. My new winter colors (red, pink, purple, etc) revived me and I started going with black or grey for my neutrals colors (for shoes, purse, belts, coat, etc.) instead of camel and tan.

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    I know it is probably a silly question, but who and how does your colors? It sounds interesting

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    i had my colors done ages ago, and i was "Autumn," according to their system. however, like you, there are just some colors that i won't go near. one color i was supposed to look good in is a sort of deep pink. so, i bought a sweater, wore it to a party, and felt like i wanted to HIDE all night. then i gave it to one of my sisters. i feel comfortable in white, black, gray/silver, beige. pretty wild....

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    Never had my colour done, but I love to wear red - blood, deep red, not brassy orange red. It definaltely looks the best on me. Also love black and navy. I can NEVER mix black and brown anywhere in my outfit, even shoes, bag, belt etc.
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    My colors are "clean" and "doesn't need to be ironed". Hopeless, I know...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpeony View Post
    My colors are "clean" and "doesn't need to be ironed". Hopeless, I know...
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    Maybe we should revive the "Color Me Beautiful" fad...I am a cool color girl, look good in turquoise and watermelon and if I pair them with brown, it has to be a cool brown as well. Look AWFUL in olive green, yellow and tan.
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    OH! I'm hopeless with fashion. I do love wearing orange though. It makes me so happy. (Does that make me an autumn?) I kinda stick to neutrals (black, tan, whites) otherwise.

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    I have olive skin and look ghastly in anything yellowish - mustard, apricot - all blaah!
    I am drawn to neutrals and blues. Just imagine me dressed in my scrap pages and you probably get the picture!
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    I've never had my colours done but wear red a fair bit (because I'm shy and retiring, ROFL). Actually I always feel zippy in it.

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    Would be interesting to have my colours done. I realised recently how many purple tops I have, and blue. I tend to avoid red, orange, mustard with my colouring.

    I also never thought I liked green, but seem to have come round to it.
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    Did you get the "directions" email?

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    Quote Originally Posted by echogirl View Post
    OH! I'm hopeless with fashion.
    I'm the same way, Doris

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    Autumn, and it was an aha! moment for me. I had recently come from a lot of years in tropical/desert climates and still at times had tried to wear what my mother dressed me in for so many blue. I never looked good in navy unless I had a cream near me but I didn't know that then.

    It's funny that my hs uniform was tan blazer, brown skirt and white shirt. I always liked that combo while most of my classmates groaned. Well as an autumn, I 'did' know what I liked even tho I didn't know I was an autumn nor was that color combo very popular in teenage clothes.

    For 10 years, I wore a lot of BRIGHT red since that was my boss's campaign color and I wanted the voters to remember that color. I'd never worn red before but came to love it.
    Now my fave is yellow...mostly because my dh always gives me compliments when I wear yellow. (Still catering to my audience!)
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