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Thread: What I've been up to!

  1. Arrow What I've been up to!

    Busy, busy time at work so I've not been around much. We've just had our end of term exhibition and I'm so proud of what we all achieved I could cry - in fact I could weep but that's because I'm so tired and I've still got loads to do and I've mentally ground to a halt - Ah well!! Happy days

    Anyway - have a look at our little school of digital media exhibition:

    YouTube - Cardonald College End of Year Show.m4v


    p.s. I'm not in it but my daughter and husband are - how come the boss wasn't filmed? Ah! because there's no way my fat ass was going to be shown to the world LOL!!

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    Great video and it looks like the culimation of a massive amount of creative work!

    Imagine the possibilities...and Happy, Happy, Happy!

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    What a fabulous video of the event! You have to be proud, but I can understand the exhaustion, too. :O) congrats! :O)

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    Looks like a lot of hard work! Hope you will soon have some down time!
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    Amazing Fiona! No wonder you are SO tired! How much inspiration there must have been in that one building though!
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    Wow, Fiona, that was terrific to watch. Lots of hard work for sure. I really enjoyed looking at the graphic art work. Hope you can finally relax and put your feet up.

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    Oh wow, so much talent! This video was so well done, did I miss you in it? I hope you will get a chance to unwind now and take it easy for a while!

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    OMG, what an amazing video. What a lot of talent and hard work. No wonder you are exhausted.

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    How cool was that to see!!! Saw you dh too! Well done you - I bet your are going to have a wonderful vacation now.
    * Aino *

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    That looks like it was a lot of work!!! Great video! Hope you get some downtime to relax soon!

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  11. cool! i think i saw Colin there at the beginning. and, girl, you gave me the first "Laugh Out Loud" moment i've had in 3 days! (fat ass ...haHAAAAAA!)

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  12. Did you get the "directions" email?

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    Great video and what a lot of work!! WTG!!

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    Congrats. What a huge piece of work. Now. Get over here!!
    just call me Uma

    I guess I SHOULD remove the blinkie.
    BUT I'm not gonna!



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