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Thread: 6/9 Surgeon says Bekah doing well

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    6/9 Surgeon says Bekah doing well

    I decided to put the date up on these since I have done so many of them and for that I'm sorry. A thread that is very long is overwhelming to me at times so here's a new one withe positive news. I just got home and was worried that I hadn't heard from Dick (working long days at his conference) or Sharlah (living long days at the hospital). But there was a new caring bridge and how good that Rich and Sharlah could hear the surgeon at the same time. 2nd hand often leads to an interpretation of what was said, and that can be a bit off, tho perfectly normal and what we all do. I can exhale now! Maureen

    Hi! Thanks Kate for helping to keep everyone informed.

    I think I was having some emotional breakdowns this last few days. The ups and downs of this world are so overwhelming. I don't know how people do it without faith in God. That knowledge is my rock...knowing that no matter what direction..Bekah is with God. What I keep asking myself is: why is it so hard? Then I remind myself, that there are so many out there who have hard if not harder trials in life as well. It may be with a sick child, parent, spouse or it may be with poverty, abuse, disability... there are so many things.

    Bekah is doing well. She is still recovering from yesterday's latest surgery. Rich came out and was there for Bekah's surgeon's post op-consult---who was very positive about the outcome! This means alot because this was not what she was saying in Feb.

    She said this surgery was very necessary and she was glad that she went back in- it could have turned ugly with infections. She also said it was a very good thing we didn't do a kidney biop---that would have been a huge mistake considering how sensitive Bekah's inners are. So... we watch and wait to see how Bekah does this next week and pray that the bleeding will stop. (She said it looked close to stopping soon.)

    Thank-you so much for your encouragement, prayers and support. I can often feel the love when I am reading the entries and they help keep me keep going. Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep. Rom 12:15
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    Thank Goodness for some good news! I am so glad things are looking good for her! Prayers are still coming your way!

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    Still praying, Bekah has become a constant in my qt. Thanks for the update, so happy to hear!

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    I'm glad to hear this encouraging news. Continuing to pray.

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    Sounds very encouraging. Will continue to send good thoughts there way.

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    oh such an emotional heart wrenching roller coaster to be on, I can't even imagine. Wishing you much more good news and strength!

  7. Maureen . . . this is such an amazing "letter" . . . it has brought tears to my eyes. Your family is such an inspiration . . . thank you for keeping us up to date . . . Bekah is in my daily prayers.

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    I'll just keep praying until that little one is up and about and home where she belongs. Thanks so much for taking the time to share the good news
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  9. Sharlah's update brought tears to my eyes, too. Her faith is so inspiring. I'm just so sorry this family and all family's with a sick child are suffering. I wish it wasn't so. I'm relieved there is some good news today. Thanks, Maureen. This is an important story you share with us....and, there is a miracle in the combined prayers of so many joining together to pray for Bekah.

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    We hold on to the positive and continue to pray...

  11. Thank you for sharing Maureen. I look for her updates almost daily. The struggle that you all have been through has been awful. I too pray for all of you and believe in the power of prayer and God.

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    Thank you for the update! I so believe in the power of prayer and will continue praying for this sweet child and family!

  13. whew. thank God.

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    Here's the latest from Sharlah. Despite what she says about Michael, he can be very still and concentrate. I watched him do the puzzle placemats at breakfast with his Dad and ask very knowledgeable questions when we were at the Mesa "Dinosaur" museum. I know Bekah enjoys watching him but just to let you know he does have his more serious side. I posted a layout in the gallery that shows him very intent on the designs. Considering algorithms like his Dad?!?!
    Richard and Michael left today. Hopefully, we will be following them this week. We miss the action in our room that Michael provides when he is here. He literally runs back and forth a zillion times making crashing sounds. The nurses and the Doctors always comment how much energy he has. I have to pin him down to give kisses whenever I want them. He never gives them willingly ...Rich had to drag him by his shirt as he made funky faces at me so I could give him a goodbye hug because he ran away shouting goodbye. Rich said "Mommy wants a hug." LOl...I wonder what the nurses think when they see that?? It really is just may be a little warped.

    They got the Dialysis catheter to work! No need for surgery as of now. GREAT! She isn't at her dry weight yet, but it is getting closer. She did prove she could go with out dialysis for 5 days again. She just doesn't have full kidney function (about only 20%) and can't pee off all the fluids they give to her. Plus her creatinine and BUN build up... those are the toxins in the kidneys and blood.

    Still transfusion new news there either. However, when we are past the point of making sure there isn't any more internal bleeding, then they will let the platelets drift back down. Red cells may take longer because of her lost kidney function...I guess the kidneys are what stimulate the bone morrow into producing those needed red cells.

    That's about it. God bless. ~Sharlah
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    Sounds like things are looking up!! Will continue to pray for Bekah and her family!! God Bless!

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    Wow. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date Maureen. Your family continues to be in my thoughts.

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    Maureen, wonderful to hear a good report. Praying for Bekah and family.

  18. So glad that she is still improving....thanks for keeping us updated and as always Bekah and your family are in my prayers.

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