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Thread: Need a smile?

  1. Need a smile?

    If you need a smile you must check out this link about a baby hearing his mom for the first time YouTube - Jonathan's Cochlear Implant Activation 8 mo., Rt Ear cont'd
    (I actually cried.)

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    What a darling smile he had when he heard his mum.

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    That smile was amazing! Thanks for posting this!

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  4. oh, well. just had my morning cry.... how amazing.

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    What a wonderful gift for them all. Thanks for sharing this. :O)

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    OMGosh...that was amazing!!! TFS!

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    Oh how amazing!! Thanks for the smile today.

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    Awww... thanks for sharing
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    Heartwarming beyond words.
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    That was a beautiful moment-thanks for the link

    Imagine the possibilities...and Happy, Happy, Happy!

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    That's wonderful - thanks for sharing!

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    Ok, crying and smiling at the same time. How wonderful!
    -anx -

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    Oh the miracles of modern science! This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the link Doris!

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    Well tears running down my cheeks at this moment. What a moment in time for this family!! WOW!!

  15. What a miracle! Thank you for pointing it out, Doris!

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    Thank you so much for the smile this brought my way!



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