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Thread: Anxiety for the future

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    Unhappy Anxiety for the future

    Hello, wonderful members of DD community, hello my friends. I am sorry that only today I saw Phyllis' thread in this section. Your interest for my long silence touched me and I feel proud of being a member of this site. This is that makes DD site special. I would like to thank each one of you for this. Thank you Phyllis for this thread, thank you Aino for your two emails, and for yours Monique. Thank you Angela, Merrilee, Kayleigh, Scrapbird, Myra, Anke, Linda, Amy L, Jen D, Adryane, Lesvrolyk, KerryMac, muddygirl, ValerieP, mugsbigsis, angie wags, Kathleen.summers, dorah, marnie, Elena, jazzmatazz, kathie02, DonnaNJ, echogirl, hendon, readstoomuch, Esther. All this time one thing that I could do was look at the beautiful pages all of you create, but didn't have the will to comment on your pages or make a new page of my own. This thread made me move. I could describe my long silence as a black out.
    I am in a shock; I suffer from the national depression like another 11 million Greeks for the financial problems of our country. It's like a strong thunder fell upon our heads. My country, like Spain, Ireland, England, Portugal, Japan etc. has a great depth. The Global economical crisis and the speculative games of the banks made the weakest economies to collapse. My country is now under the dictatorship of the IMF. My country is in a war and the occupation army is the IMF. We don't know if, when and how this occupation will come in an end. There is a great question why from all the above countries Greece had to go in IMF. The reasons aren't so innocent and the Greek civilians ask the reason from our government, as well as for the mismanagement of our economy. SIEMENS scandal shakes our society and shows commissions to some of our politicians and we consider them responsible for this great depth. Greek civilians have to pay for others faults, that is ; "Other eats and other pays the bill". The measures of IMF are very harsh and make a long list I will only mention the cut of salaries and pensions from 5-25%, thousands of layoffs, high taxes in everything, increase of the cost of electricity in 30% and every day government surprises us with a new one. Yesterday was announced that a widow can take the pension of her dead husband only if she is 50 years old and over. The salary of a new employee will be 550 Euros instead of the today HUGE sum of 700 Euros. The generation of 700 Euros will become now the generation of 500 Euros. These measures drive us in a labor dark age and the population in pauperization, they drive us into death. Who can live with 500 Euro? What will be the future of our children? Greek civilians think that it is the final solution for the Greek nation. Society will collapse. Greece will become a great concentration camp. These measures will not save our economy; they will execute the population; we will die from hunger like during the WW2.
    My country came out from the WW2 completely destroyed and the black and white colors of life of those years took the colors of the rainbow. The quality of life we offer in our children today has nothing to envy from the life of the children of the rich countries. As a child I was fed with UNRRA's (American help) cheese and butter at school and children of today has a variety of food to choose, they have many pair of shoes, clothes, toys and most important education.
    Our children learn foreign languages from kindergarten not only at school; they also attend private schools in the afternoon paid by their parents and at the age of 18teen they speak two languages except their mother language and more than 50% go to university because every Greek family wants a diploma on the wall. Parents work hard for their children studies.
    Greece of today has more doctors than we need, we have more lawyers than France, but we don't have plumbers and the manicure girl earns more money than a girl who studied economics and works in a bank. The 90% of the population has their own house and a great number of families have two cars. We achieved all these after a 12 hours hard work in two jobs, because of the low salaries and emigration. Nobody gifted us anything.We feel angry for the fishy publication of the German "Focus" magazine which calls Greeks lazy people who must learn to work and not dance syrtaki. It"s unfair.. Such publications of German press doesn't help, because they scratch wounds and destroy the good relations between Greek and German people.
    On that black Wednesday of May 4th, 150.000 Greeks demonstrated outside the Parliament to prevent our government from voting these hard measures. We demonstrated to save the hard work of two generations, the quality of our lives. Unfortunately the demonstrators billed the death of 3 young people and of one unborn baby, because provocateurs, (anarchists), we call them "the knowns unknowns", who wore hoods, threw together with Molotov bombs, bottles with benzine and the thick smoke made the workers die from suffocation. Demonstrators tried to stop them, but they worked very fast, they weren't Greeks, witnesses say that they urged people having a foreign pronunciation with the words; "Burn them, they work in a bank". Real demonstrators don't cover their faces. The young victims, two women, (one of them was pregnant), and one man, were between 32-35 years old. Each one of them had a university diploma in economics and two PhD from English and American universities and their salary, after 5 years of work in the bank, was 1200 Euros.
    How and when all these will come in an end? I hope and pray that things turn around quickly. Thank you again for your interest; it's time to come back. It's time for scrap therapy.

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    Maria, I am so pleased we have heard from you that you are safe, but so sorry to hear of your pain and sorrow and anger. Please know that we are thinking of you during this very difficult time for you and your country. I hope too that some scrap therapy helps. Best wishes from New Zealand.

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    Maria, I'm glad you've checked in, glad you are safe. So sorry for what your country is going through just now. Thinking of you all. Hope you do get a chance to do some scrap therapy.
    Chrissy x

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    Maria, I am so glad to see a post from you. I can't imagine how your people must feel. What a shock!! I know from my Greek friends how proud they are to be Greek, even after a few generations, and how strong their kinship is. Last year we went to a Greek friend's 50th birthday and had the privilege of joining his extended family in traditional Greek dances. The grandparents were revered. The family was so strong. They are so proud. The Greeks have endured many tragedies over the millennia. The latest is so sad, but I have faith in the Greek spirit to overcome adversity. I often wish we Aussies had that strong sense of family and culture. I hope, for your sake, that things turn around quickly. Thanks for providing the details of recent events from your perspective. It is a different perspective from what was reported in the papers. It is so much more personal and brings home the sense of helplessness you must feel.
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    I am so happy that you made contact Maria!! I feel your helplessness and grief when I read your story. I, pathetically and unfortunately, live in my own "bubble" and I was not aware how severe the repercussions are of this economic crisis.
    I am sorry for this. I hope our community here can give you a few moments "artistic relief" from you everyday worries.
    * Aino *

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    Maria, it's good to hear from you. I'm sad for the problems your country is suffering. My husband follows the financial news much more than I do, but based on what he tells me, I fear that what's happening in Greece may soon be happening in the US as well. It's very scary. I hope you'll engage in some scrap therapy and that we'll soon see your wonderful pages again in the gallery.

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    Thank you for checking in! It saddens me to read your post. I hope that you find some peace soon.
    LOVES it here!

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    Maria, Thank you for checking in and posting what is happening. Praying for you and your country. It is all so very sad and beyond frustrating. I hope some postive decisions can be made soon.

  9. I have been watching the forum daily for a post from you. I appreciate you allowed us a glimpse into your world and pray you will see hope every day. Looking forward to your pages.

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    Incredibly heartbreaking to read your post, but so happy to hear that you are safe. Hoping that some scrap therapy of your beautiful work helps relieve the stress if only for a few minutes. My heart goes out to you.
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    What a relief to hear from you, Maria. I am so saddened by the state of affairs in Greece and much of Europe. It is very unsettling.
    The Greeks are a proud group of people who have seen a lot of turmoil throughout their long history. I hope the economic situation stabilizes soon and that some semblance of normalcy will return to you and your beautiful country.
    In the meantime, remember that you have a place to come to vent and create and that you are our friend. Please keep in touch.
    Many, many hugs to you and your family.

    Keep on the sunny side of life

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  12. oh, Maria. it is so good to hear from you and to know that, all things considered, you are OK. every day i curse the minds who decided that "globalization" was a good thing. who benefits from this malign idea? and when one country has problems, all others feel them, too and are powerless to extricate themselves from the maw of the Global Control Monster. i think that the perpetrators of this globalization fraud believed that "interconnectedness" would assure world peace. instead, it has ensured loss of national autonomy to a larger, unelected global structure and chaos. unfortunately, Greece is among the first to feel the actual results of globalization.

    i wish only good things for you and all the people of Greece. can the USA be far behind?

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    Maria, it is so good to see you post here and know that all things considered, you are doing well. I know your people will persevere, as Esther said, Greece has had such a strong and beautiful past and will have a bright future again. Take care, and try to let scrapping keep your mind off of things for a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aino View Post
    I am so happy that you made contact Maria!! I feel your helplessness and grief when I read your story. I, pathetically and unfortunately, live in my own "bubble" and I was not aware how severe the repercussions are of this economic crisis.
    I am sorry for this. I hope our community here can give you a few moments "artistic relief" from you everyday worries.
    I believe I too have been in a bubble... I had NO idea... I am so sorry for what your country is suffering. I can't imagine the anxiety and worry for the future. So glad to hear from you however. Thank you for checking in.
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    Maria, thank you for checking in and sharing with us what your world is like right now. I hope it helped a little to share your feelings with your friends, and I look forward to seeing the results of your scrap therapy.


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    Maria I am so glad to see that you are well at least, but so very sorry to hear about all the horrible things happening to your wonderful country. We certainly don't get all the news reported here in the United States. I had no idea how devastating circumstances were right now. Greece is the only country listed on my "bucket list." I hope to visit it someday. I will pray for you and your family and for your country as well. Take care, Maria.

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    Thank you so much for sharing the news of your country, I am saddened to hear about such things in this day and age-and thankful I live here- I am so happy to hear that you are! and that you are going to do some scrap therapy-know that we, well me, think about you and wish you well in this dark time of your country. I teach many children from many war torn parts of the world and when they share their experiences it is heart wrenching. I think it is too easy for those who live in a peaceful place to forget that peace is not world wide.

    Imagine the possibilities...and Happy, Happy, Happy!

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    I am so glad to hear from you and to know that at least physically you are okay.
    I have been following the european debacle daily and I feel your pain! I am with Phylis, who knows how long before the same fate will strike us here, after all the global economy is just that, global! I am really sorry for your country's struggles, I so hope that a solution will be found!

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    Thank you for coming by and telling us what's going on. We hear some news, but yours is the first news I've heard from anyone in Greece. I am so sorry for all the terrible things going on there and how bleak the future looks.

    I hope talking about it helps and I look forward to seeing your scrap therapy!
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  20. I am relieved to hear from you, Maria, and so sorry for the painful circumstances in your country. I, too, fear that the effects of the current economic situation world wide will be far reaching.

    I have missed you.

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    Thank you for checking in and telling us what is happening in your home country. We read so many things in the paper about this tumultuous time, but hearing it in your words is so much more meaningful and real. Part of my family came to this country from Kastoria, so some little part of me is there with you hoping that Greece is able to once again, as you say so beautifully, "take the colors of the rainbow." Thinking of you.

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    Maria, thank you for letting us know that you are safe. I can't even begin to imagine what the atmosphere is like in Greece right now, but please know that I am thinking of you.

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    It is very disheartening to know that the actions of a few has caused pain to so many. I've been listening with interest to the recent events in your country and thought about you often. I'm so glad we finally heard from you and that we DD girls can be here for each other. Hugs.
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    Maria, I am new enough to the forum that I don't really know you, but I can assure you that my prayers, and that of my Home Assembly, are added to the others here. I not only fear, but EXPECT, the woes of Greece are but the beginning, and that everyone on this thread will feel the effects sooner or later. May we all take courage.

    Just passing through.

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  25. Oh Maria so glad to hear you and your family are safe.
    Thank you for keeping us apprised of the situation. I think most people would have a hard time believing the terrible propaganda. We know the Greeks are a strong, proud, intelligent people.
    Good for you for turning to scrapping for some therapy. I'll keep you in my thoughts!

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    Maria, thank you for coming back and sharing the pain Greece is going through. It is too easy to see the BBC headlines on my Google homepage, and skip on past. I truly think that in the future, perhaps beyond some of our own lifetimes, people will look back and see more clearly how the greed of many caused such destruction.

    I can't think of much we can do short of increase tourism. It was one of the things that NYC cried out for after 9/11. This week is our Greek festival which is always well supported, and this year will be even more poignant for the church members I'm sure.
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  27. Maria,

    I grieve for you and your country. I'm afraid our leaders around the world have forgotten the Greek proverb "Κι αν είσαι και παπάς, με την αράδα σου θα πας;" that is, "Even if you are a priest, you get in line." In other words, our leaders have become so preoccupied with their personal power and prestige that they have forgotten their responsibility to those whom they serve. Small wonder the people of Greece are upset with an unresponsive government that saw potential problems but did nothing effective to stop it. I fear we in the U.S. will follow suit soon.

    And I am sadden by the response of your European neighbors to your situation. Their lack of compassion is appalling. When the economic devastation affects them, I wonder if they will remember their reproaches ...

    But I have found that I cannot live my life putting my faith and trust in government. Governments shift with global winds and political tides; there is no stability there for me to rest in. I must trust instead that, despite the devastating turn of events, God is still in charge. There is comfort in that for me. I pray that you may find such an anchor in the storm that now ravages Greece.

    Prayers being lifted for you, Maria. May God grant you rich blessings despite the pain and grant you peace.

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    Maria, your pain is my pain... in many ways. I have felt for a long time that our comfort and stability is false and that we all are in for a reality hit soon. May reason somehow prevail. Blessings with you Maria.

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    Maria so glad you checked in and filled us in on the details of what has been going on. Although not as close to the crisis as you, my one son is from Greece and still has family there. We pray for your country and the world daily. The econcomic crisis here in America is scary and some economists predict the US will have an economic collapse similar to that of Greece. Take care my friend.

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    Maria it is good to see that you are OK. Everytime I see the news reports of Greece, I have been thinking of you. Thanks for the perspective which differs so much from sensationalised headlines. My prayers are with you for the future.

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