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Thread: Hi! Newbie and question

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    Hi! Newbie and question

    I am new to this forum but not new to digi scrapping. I shop products on this site too. They are awesome!!!!

    I checked the tutorial section and purchased 2 tutorials but there were none on creating realistic looking paper. Does anyone know of a good tutorial?

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    Most of us here are happy to leave the creating of the paper to our fantastic team of designers, so you would probably have to look elsewhere for a tutorial of that sort.
    We think the products here are awesome too!
    Welcome to DD!

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    There are tutorials on recoloring papers and on making your own brushes that you could then use to modify your papers. I'm happy to use the papers in the store with a little recoloring or blending occasionally
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    Thanks Ladies! I just sometimes like to mix and match and learn a bit but I agree these ladies are awesome!!!!

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    There is so much to choose from in the store and the quality is so tops, I've never been tempted to create my own papers.

    I do love to create different looks by mixing and matching papers from the store by blending them together using the blend modes and filters in PSE.

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