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Thread: New to digital can some one help with ow templates work

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    New to digital can some one help with ow templates work

    Hi i am new to digital and was surfing the net to find some layouts using many photos and found these great layout templates . The only thing is that before i buy some i need to know how they work . D they give you the size of the photos or do you just drop photos into the spaces provided . I really just need to use the ideas of the layouts and need the size of the photos as i am not a good estimator when it comes to the right size of the photos needed Can some one help please

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    All of the templates available at Designer Digitals have directions for use packaged with the template. They are really quite easy to use. It's easy to resize your photos to fit the photo openings in the templates. Remember though that they are written for users of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. I hope you have as much fun using templates as I do! They make it so easy to turn out a good layout!
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    Not sure exactly what you're asking... I know many of the ladies here change the templates to suit their needs so I know you can if you want to. If you haven't worked with a template before you may want to look under Tips "Getting Started' for some helpful info and also under Freebies.. I think there are some templates you could experiment with.
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    Exactly! Templates are really easy to use. I don't know which program you are using, but as a rule you just place your photo on top of the photo spot in the template and alt/click them together. Again, it depends on your program how this is done...those getting started tips are really good!

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    you may want to check out this tutorial. Cassie's tutorials are the best.


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    Good point, Terry.

    Even though the templates from DD come with instructions, you will save yourself lots of figuring out time by starting with Cassie's tutorial and you'll have a finished layout when you are done!

    Good glad you found us! Keep asking questions! It's a great way to learn and we were all there once starting out and we love to help.

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    The great templates here are designed for use with photoshop, but they can be used in other software, too. (For example Fotofusion) It depends on what software you're running what you need to do to use them. Randy and Katie should be able to help you with that.

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    And you can resize your photo in it. You just click the photo to the desired layer in the template and then you can make it as big or as small as you prefer. This might be an idea: You could try it with a freebie, so you can see how it works: Message - Digital Scrapbooking Ideas - DesignerDigitals.

    Good luck! Oh, and I agree on the tutorials of Cassie. They are awesome and I learned a lot of it. They are also fun to do.

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