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Thread: Hello from Virginia in South Carolina!

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    Post Hello from Virginia in South Carolina!

    Hello, everyone!

    I am Virginia, and I do live in SC... just across the bridge from Hilton Head (so I have lots of pretty scenery to take photos of!). I have done traditional paper scrapbooking for almost 13 years, but always hated trying to organize my stuff, finding a place for everything, and MOSTLY dragging stuff out only to have to put it back again. I work full-time, am a wife and a mother (to a 14 year-old), so it got to the point where I basically stopped scrapbooking.

    HOWEVER, I have been wanting to create a scrapbook to give to my two sisters and my parents recording our family beach trips from the past 10 years. I knew that even if I paper-scrapped it, I would be making photocopies of it, as I would NEVER complete 4 albums by July! I started looking at some digital layouts and was impressed that many of them appear to be "real" looking-- not flat like I expected. The prospect of having everything in one place with no mess was very appealing.

    Two weeks ago, I started on a mission to learn how to use the PSE program already on my Mac, and here I am (it helps that it is spring break this week, and I've had time to work on this quite diligently)! I am finding that I LOVE it, and am excited to keep learning and finally get back to scrapbooking again!


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    Welcome! I am happy to meet you, Virginia! Have fun experimenting and learning your PSE software and have fun while doing it.

    If you'd like a quick and easy way to learn PSE, try one of the many tutorials in the DD store by Cassie Jones. You'll learn while at the same creating a finished layout with the digital designs by Katie Pertiet that come with each tutorial.

    The first one is
    Getting Started: Your First Layout - Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials

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    Welcome Virginia!! So glad to have you here a DD. Hilton Head--such a beautiful place and love the golfing there! You'll find Cassie's tutorials are awesome.

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    Hi, Virginia, I'm glad you found DD. We're glad to have you here.

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    Hi Virginia Welcome! You are going to love it here. I just started in the fall and everyone here is sooooo warm and helpful... Oh and I'm so jealous that you live right there by my favorite place in the world. Don't know if you noticed in the store that there are several template sets (albums) that are great for doing that kind of a project. Makes it easy to keep the book coordinated. Ask away if you have any questions
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    Hello Virginia! I'm also new. Welcome to DD, it's wonderful here.

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    Welcome Virginia!!! Glad to have you here

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    Hi Virginia. Welcome to DD.

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    Welcome Virginia, it is so nice to meet you! I used to hate the mess of paper scrapping too and find digi supplies so much easier to store I am so glad you found us and I hope your books will turn out just the way you want them

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    So glad that you've rediscovered your love of scrapbooking through digi and that you found our community! Looking forward to seeing your pages
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    So glad to "meet" you, Virginia! I know that you will love creating your beach books digitally. I cannot imagine making four books the "paper way". The templates here at DD are amazing and the Shutterfly book examples that the gals here post occasionally are always wonderful and inspirational too.

    I look forward to taking a peek at your work as it progresses. So glad that you introduced yourself!

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    Hi Virginia...I recently came back from a week in Hilton Head, and next time, we'll have to meet! I'm on a Mac also. ;-)

    You will love the no-mess scrapping of digital. Well, no mess unless you let your electronic supplies get out of hand as many of us have found out! Enjoy, and best wishes on those beach books. Maureen
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    Welcome, Virgina! Glad you will be scrapbooking again and you will enjoy it here at DD.

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    Thank you ALL for such a warm welcome! I've been downloading digi supplies like a fiend, and have spent some time organizing them using Adobe Bridge.

    I have also taken your advice and tried out a couple of the tutorials Cassie has written (thanks, Cassie!). I have one layout from the tutorials almost finished... I just need to do some journaling. I will post it when it's completed so you can see what you think.

    So glad I found this place...!

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