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Thread: Hello, I'm new :)

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    Hello, I'm new :)

    I see that there are A LOT of posts like this, but I figured that I would introduce myself anyway. I am semi-new to the digital scrapbooking world. I learn stuff everytime I try and do a layout and It's really exciting to me. There are still stuff that I dont know how to do, but I am looking forward to learning from anyone who will take the time to teach me. (I'm a fast learner Anyways, I am a soon to be Marine Wife and moving to California and that is a journey in itself!

    I hope to get to know you lovely people!

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    Welcome to DD. Nice to have you here. As far as learning goes, you will do it here. There is lots of inspiration and if youv'e got questions, you'll get answers . Pick up some of Cassie's tutorials if you really want to learn!
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    I second Cassie's tutorials... they are packed full of cool tips and tricks! Welcome to DD! Hope to see your pages in the gallery soon =)

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    Welcome, fellow MDer even if you are leaving us for CA...(Pendleton? if so it's a gorgeous area!). Do keep posting and using the gallery for inspiration and for sharing your own work. You'll find a nice 'home' here.
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    Welcome!! What a journey you are about to embark upon! Thanks for saying Hi, you are going to love it here!

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    Welcome to DD!! You are going to find that you love this place. So glad you decided to make this your home.

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    Welcome to DD -- it's nice to have you here, and I look forward to seeing your layouts in the gallery soon.

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    Thank you everyone, your kindness is a true blessing....and believe me when I say, I'm going to need all the help I can many questions!

  9. So glad you introduced yourself! We are glad to have you here! Welcome!

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    Welcome! There's always someone who knows the answer to a question around here! And doing Cassie's tutorials and joining in on the challenges will make you a master in no time!
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    Well, Semper Fi and Ooh-Rah! Welcome to DD, and to the Corps. ('Cause you're marrying the Corps AND your husband, right? ) I'm a native Annapolitan, born and raised there, now exiled to the neverlands of Louisiana. This is the right place to be if you have questions, I've learned everything I know about digital scrapping right here.
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    Very nice to make your acquaintance, welcome to DD!

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    Welcome to DD! you are going to love it here. Everyone is so nice and helpful. We are just one big happy family...glad you joined us

  14. Welcome to DD...a place where you can feel free to ask any question!

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    Welcome. Make yourself at home you are going to love it here
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    Welcome to DD! You will love it here

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    Welcome to DD! Enjoy the inspiration in the gallery and the knowledge in the boards.
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    I am starting my first challenge for this week! all wish me luck... hehe. And thank you for all the hellos!

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    Welcome! So exciting about your upcoming marriage. I hope you love California when you get here!

    Don't be afraid to ask questions in the General forum - we'll be happy to help!
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    Welcome indeed! You will really love this place!

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    Welcome to DD It's nice to get to know you.

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    You're going to love it here!

  24. Welcome, you are going to love it here and be as addicted to this wonderful hobby as the rest of us very soon!!

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    I am so happy you introduced yourself - it is a wonderful place to learn and hang out at! Welcome!
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  26. Hey--I just joined DD (like, two minutes ago) and saw your post. My dh is a Navy chaplain now stationed with the USMC at Pendleton. Feel free to PM me if you have questions about the area--if you're at Pendleton there is a FAB hobby shop! Best thing about the base IMO (well, that and the beach!). Hope you'll have a lovely wedding, a safe move, and an easy transition to married/Marine/SoCal life!

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