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Thread: new camera bag

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    I have to bring up this thread again.

    Debi, how did the Lola bag do on your trip? I think it's gorgeous, but would like to know how it was "in action".

    -anx -

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    me too Debi--I'm eyeballing the Lola and wondered how it is in action.

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    I just took mine Epiphanie Belle bag for a week in Cape Cod and it did great!

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    Not sure if you guys have noticed or not, but they now have a Lola in black..... Just sayin... Also, they are all on back order until June 20th. I ordered my Lola (in red, because I am a sucker for red) a few weeks ago and I've just had to wait...and wait...and wait. I'm not a good waiter. : )
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    I'm waiting on the Ginger and I blame (and THANK!!!!) this post along with Anke's page she posted with a photo of her cool new bag for pushing me to make the purchase........really it was only a slight nudge, not really a full push that I needed anyway!!!

    Thanks ladies!

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    My Lola arrived yesterday and it's gorgeous! I love it already. It's easy to carry, and the dividers can be adjusted to fit your camera (if that makes any sense). I loved how it was to bring my camera and still feel like a woman. The leather is really soft and the color (I got the red one) is really beautiful. This is camera bag style! (Now I only have to dress up myself to go with the bag, haha!)
    -anx -

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    Funny, I think the same thing about my red lola. I feel like I should dress a little nicer when wearing it, but I don't. Haha. It really is a gorgeous bag and I have my dividers set up so that my wallet and everything "purse" related are secured away by themselves!
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    Does anyone have the Janine King bag?
    Digital SLR Camera Bag and Lens Case padded by janinekingdesigns[]=tags&includes[]=title

    I was thinking of travelling with it, because I could probably take it flat in my big suitcase while I carry the camera in a sleeve in my carry-on, but then use it on the trip sightseeing and such. (With three little kids, I have to carry too much 'entertainment' on the plane to have this be my carry-on.

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    I was a bit perturbed that Lola Black came along AFTER I got back from my Europe trip w/Lola Red... ...Ms. Black would be so much more practical for me. I spend so much time on the soccer field and Ms. Lola Red clashes w/Shannon's uniform... But, then I look at that sizzlin' red and fall in love all over!

    I've never seen a Janine King camera bag in person, but I have a laptop bag from her and it's AWESOME! Very sturdy, thick padding/material, very well-built and so, so cute! I would imagine her camera bags would be the same. That said... I took Lola to Europe and took it everywhere, packed w/"extras" for me and my daughter on our trip. Things like make-up , extra batteries and cards, brush, gloves, scarves (it was cold in London!), sunglasses in their hard case, cell phones... PLUS I still had room for a souvenir or two every day!

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    I don't have a Janine King, but I have one of these
    Formerly Wicked Stitch Designs by Martilena on Etsy
    which looks quite similar.

    I like that I can wear it across my body and that it looks like a handbag, rather than a camera bag. I can carry a truckload of things in mine and it's really comfortable.

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    My mom sent me birthday money, and she asked me to use it on a camera bag since I've been complaining that I don't have one. (The zipper on my old LowePro bag broke six months ago!)

    I decided to order one of these:

    Custom MAIA Camera Bag side release buckle closure by Martilena

    with this fabric:

    eQuilter William Morris - Hyacinth Symmetry - Taupe

    and brown for the outside & inside.

    I'm really excited! Thanks for this thread, I never would have found the Etsy store otherwise.
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    Wow! This bag looks like a great deal and very useful!

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    OMG - now I am wanting a new bag. I have never seen many of these. In my search, I have also come across the Kelly Moore bags Welcome to the Kelly Moore Bag Store - does anyone out there have one of these? Unfortunately, it can be hard to know for sure how a bag feels, ie. how heavy, and if it will fit everything. I know I need a big bag, and my lowepro just isn't doing it for me. I love the look of the Lola - so stylish.
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    I'm curious too ^^

    I currently have the same Crumpler bag that Katie has, as well as a smaller crumpler that only fits my camera with the small 50mm lens. I love how sound and solid those bags are BUT I noticed that when I walk around for a longer time with the bag on my hip that the fabric of the Crumpler's is actually so strong and rigid that it started to make my t-shirts pill

    So looking for a new camera bag and the lola did look oh so yummie..

  15. There is also this cute ones from Jo Totes
    And Etsy has some gorgeous ones too
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    I hate my Crumpler. I just posted on the other camera bag thread. I am looking for a new camera bag, too!

    The whole issue of camera bags has me feeling so cranky-- I have looked and looked, and can't find one I like.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by cedarhil View Post Built Cargo Large Camera Bag (Black Raspberry)

    Hi. I have a new camera bag that I am really loving. To make a long story short, I have been shopping for some time now. The new Epiphanie and Jill-e bags are so beautiful, but I had a problem with the handles, I didn't want the shorter ones to always be in the way, ( I carry my bag over my head and shoulder so it falls at my hip) and the squared bulk at my hip. I also worried that they would be a bit heavy.
    Then I just happened across this in an Amazon search. It's the large Camera bag by Built NY. Its half the price of the others, its very clean and functional, it has the longest strap in the world and it just fits my hip. Everything I wanted in a bag. It has adjustable dividers inside and holds a ton. I happen to also love the color.
    I just got this and really like it. (and it's on sale at the moment!) Thanks so much for posting.

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    Kelly Moore vs. Epiphanie

    I'm wanting to get a new camera bag and everyone seems to love the Epiphanie bags, but haven't heard much about the Kelly Moore bags. I think that the B-Hobo looks cute and functional. Anyone out there have one that could tell us how you like it?

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    I don't have the Hobo, so wont be able to help you on that specifically, but I am loving my Kelly Moore Posey bag.

    (ok, ok, it IS small, but for just taking my 60D with 50mm on it and all my purse items on a regular workday/shopday it's perfect)

    Shipping was fast and it comes in a protective soft cloth Kelly Moore bag inside a sturdy cardboard packaging. The bag itself and the strap are seperately packaged with protective foilpaper too.

    From what I can see in the past month that I've been using it is that the build quality seems very solid. I've had so many compliments about my gorgeous leather bag (it's faux leather), it really does look like natural leather. The material is sturdy, the zippers run smooth and stay put, the cross body strap with the shoulderpad is comfortable and easily adjustable.

    The inside padding is not as thick as it is on the Epiphanie bags, but it is padded for protection and comes with the dividers inside to suit the bag to your needs.

    I'm definately saving up for a hobo bag for my holiday trips when I need to take more/bigger lenses and more purse items ^^
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    After reading this thread several times and doing some homework I decided to order the Jill e small black leather bag. I liked the look of many of those bags mentioned here but was not sure about the bright colors of some( I tend to be a neutral color kind of person= boring!) Most reviews I read around the internet were positive. Some people here and on the net mentioned the weight of the bag but I'm so used to carrying a heavy pocketbook anyway so it didn't scare me off. I also liked that fact that it is leather.

    I like the look of the bag too. It's actually what I would choose in a regular pocketbook.
    I got a great price and I'm hoping it works well for me. I'll let you know how it goes.

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    Congratulations on the new bag Janine!
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