Hellloooooo Everyone!
I've been lurking around and reading here and there a bit... you are all so very VERY creative -- intimidating creative! Now, it is time for me to stop lurking and introduce myself. (I feel like I should be standing up in front of you all!)... Here we go....

My name is Jenn, and I'm from NJ... I have been married to a great guy, Peter for about 8 years (we joke that it feels like 50!, lol). We met in college at a fraternity party of all places! Lots of interesting stories to pass onto our kids!

Well, we have two little boys! They are 5 and 22 months.... and they drive me bonkers - but I love em, and they keep me laughing! They are so charming, and handsome and silly...but I am biased! My oldest, Shayne is very imaginative and i love listening to him describe things from his perspective. My little one, Colin, is my "divo" -- my boy term for diva. He is so cute, and independent at his age, he makes me laugh! He has such facial expressions, and we got him to raise one eyebrow already!

I started digital scrapping here and there a couple of years ago, but never really got anything done. Recently, I have started some PSE tutorials, and it sort of became a NYE resolution. Since I love it; I make time to learn and create. I want to enjoy it and have fun. I think last time I was getting too frustrated...

But anyway... I love reading/listening to books, futzing around on the computer/internet, and being silly. I work at a Stair Manufacturer - small, unstressful, flexible, and laid back - you guessed it -- we make Custom stairs and Railing Systems. Sounds fun, right!? Ha! I handle all the accounts receivables, and collections. I like it and it works for me and my family. I used to work in New York City, but after kids, the flexibility really works for us. Plus, getting to wear jeans and sneakers is much better than suits!!!

I hope you all have enjoyed my rambling... and I hope to get to know some of you!