Hi fellow digi-scrappers!

After 15 years of paper-on-paper scrapbooking, I've finally transitioned to digital. Let me first say, I am SOOOO excited. I am using PSE 8, and the learning curve seems pretty steep right now, but you gals are great. I've been studying your forums for a couple of weeks, doing some of Cassie's AWESOME tutorials, and finally starting to feel comfortable.

I'm here in Louisburg, KS, where I've got four boys: 9,6,5, and 1 who keep me busy homeschooling, baking, cleaning--you know how it goes! I don't have lots of time for comments or uploads to the gallery, but am so very *THANKFUL* for those of you who can share. Thank you in advance for all you will teach and inspire me to do!