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Thread: Hi everyone!

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    Smile Hi everyone!

    Hi, my name is Sharon & Im new to the site.

    Looks like loads of fun but not quite sure where to start yet. I'm a stay-at-home mom of 2, 10 yr old son & 6 yr old daughter with Aspergers. I looooooove my family and look forward to capturing all of our awesome moments in scrapbooking. My challenge will be pulling myself away from the computer to actually get stuff done around the house.

    Have a great day!

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    Hi, Sharon -- it's great to have you with us at DD. At the top of the page, you'll see a purple bar. One of the links is a "Getting Started" topic and will help you get your scrapping going. Cassie's tutorials in the store are also wonderful. Check them out. I look forward to seeing your pages in the gallery.

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    Well Hi Sharon. So glad you found DD! Linda's advice is great--the Getting Started link is a wonderful place to start and then Cassie's tutorials are the best. Can't wait to see you in the gallery.

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    Welcome to DD!

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    Welcome Sharon! "What Linda said!". That would have helped me a lot when I started out if I'd noticed it. But do ask questions when in doubt and be sure to tell us what operating system and what software you're using. Then the answers can be specific to what you're working on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by digichik View Post
    My challenge will be pulling myself away from the computer to actually get stuff done around the house.
    You are not alone there! Welcome to the site!
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    Welcome Sharon... glad you joined us! Hope to see more of you around =)

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    Hi Sharon, welcome to this wonderful site! Hope you will have loads of fun here!

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    Always nice to meet another Sharon! Welcome to a fantastic place - it's a great place to learn and I 'll look forward to seeing your pages in the gallery!

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    Welcome Sharon You've found the right place... both those getting started tutorials and Cassie'd tutorials are great. As far as tearing yourself away from the computer to do other things...if you check out the 'Housework or Scrapping' thread on the 'General Digital' forum you'll see that you have lots of company :-)
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    Welcome! This is our home away from home ( and away from laundry and grocery shopping, etc!!) Glad you found us.

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    I think we all have trouble getting away from the computer Welcome to DD, it's great to have you here!

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    Welcome to DD!

  14. Hi Sharon! So glad you introduced yourself. It's great to have you here, so, WELCOME! Everyone is very friendly and very knowledgeable and willing to share info and tips, so, be sure to ask questions.

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    Hi Sharon and welcome! So glad you're here and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.
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    Hi there Sharon. Great to have you here. Looking forward to seeing your layouts in the gallery :-)

    (I have a wonderful aspie 7 year old daughter by the way)

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