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Thread: Very new beginner!

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    Question Very new beginner!

    I love doing photobooks on Shutterfly but just recently wanted to start learning digital scrapbooking. I have no idea how to use Corel Paint Shop Pro or PhotoShop. I have Corel but if anyone suggests one is user friendly over the other I would love to hear it!

    I also just downloaded some .png scrapbook templates but have no idea how to get my photos uploaded into the templates or convert it into a .jpg to upload into shutterfly photobook! I would love any suggestions!! Thanks.

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    Welcome! You came to the right place =)

    I would only suggest Photoshop because most use this program and therefore you can get more help with it. Cassie Jones has the best tutorials and there is one that will take you step by step on how to complete a template =)

    Getting Started With Templates - Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials

    Hope to see you in the gallery really soon!!

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    First, I want to extend to you a warm welcome to DD!

    Photoshop Elements is well worth it to purchase and with the Cassie Jones tutorial Jen suggested in her post, you would learn how to use the software, while at the same time completing a beautiful layout. You are guaranteed to have instant success!

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    WELCOME!! Definitely start with Photoshop Elements. Download the free trial for your computer (PC or Mac). Cassie is the best. Just give yourself time and make the learning part of the fun. Hope to see your pages soon. It is ALL fun so relax and enjoy the process.

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    That's the Adobe link but when you get ready to buy it buy from Costco (if you have a PC - they don't sell Mac stuff, pity) or Amazon. It's cheaper.
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    Welcome! We've all been where you are, so don't be shy about jumping in to share and ask questions.
    I also wholeheartedly recommend using Photoshop Elements. The learning curve is a little easier than Photoshop, but it's as complex as you need it to be later on.

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    try this link too, you might find some useful information there.

    Getting Started in Digital Scrapbooking - DesignerDigitals
    Welcome to DD, I hope you'll feel comfortable around here and ask away if you need any help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by iUma View Post
    That's the Adobe link but when you get ready to buy it buy from Costco (if you have a PC - they don't sell Mac stuff, pity) or Amazon. It's cheaper.
    Costco runs deals on it every once in a while the last one I think was $49 or 59.
    Welcome to DD.

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    Just wanted to say it's great to have you here. I use Elements and am very happy with it. Cassie's tutorials are terrific. Hope to see some of your work in the gallery soon.

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    Welcome to DD . . . so glad that you are going digital! I have had PhotoShop Elements for about five years and love it . . . it takes (or took me) a little while to get the hang of, but with Cassie's tutorials you won't have any trouble at all.

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    Welcome to DD. I started out with PSE and had no problems. You can find a lot of help here should you run into a snag.

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    Thank you for all the information. I will order Photoshop Elements and get reading on Cassie's tutorials!

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    Great advice here for you, so I won't repeat it! But I will look for your pages in the gallery
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    You can't go wrong with Cassie's tutorials - they are THE best ever!!! I would say that photoshop is the way to go and I believe that elements is very reasonable to download. Good luck, and I'll also look out for your pages in the gallery!


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    I started out with Paint Shop Pro. It served me well and I was able to create pages for a year or two with it. You will notice that Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are the standard however. So tutorials, etc. are usually written for these programs. The thing that got me to switch? Clipping masks (if you don't know yet, that's where one layer assumes the shape of the the layer below it). I'm not sure if Paint Shop Pro has that ability yet, but it didn't when I used it.

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    Welcome to DD!

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    Welcome. I am loving Cassie's tutorials. I've done two now and I'm learning so much about Photoshop.
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