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Thread: Hola from Sunny Spain

  1. Hola from Sunny Spain

    Hi I`m Jan
    I`ve lived in spain for 9 years, I have only just started digital scrapbooking since our grandson was born, he lives in San Francisco with his parents so my first attempt was for his first birthday last october, I made a small memory book with 12 pages, one for each month. I used photoshop and it took me three months to complete but they were so pleased with it that they have had it framed for Joey`s bedroom wall.

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    How exciting! Hello and welcome!! What fun to have a representative from Spain with us - correct me if I am wrong, but I can't think of anyone else?!

    Can't wait to see your work in the gallery - I hope you will feel right at home! This is the friendliest and most inspirational place in the digiscrapping community.
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  3. Welcome to DD! I look forward to seeing your pages, too. There's nothing more fun than scrapbooking the little ones!

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    Welcome to DD, Jan -- it nice to have you with us, and I look forward to seeing your work in the gallery.

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  5. Hi Jan! Welcome! I'm a grandmother who scraps, too! Great to have you here!

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    Hola Jan!! We love digi scrapping grandmas here! :-)

  7. Welcome to this nice place! Everyone is really nice here!
    You will LOVE it here!

  8. Thanks to all of you for the warm welcome, hoping to get some ideas as I`m starting a scrapbook journal next for my daughter-in-law.

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    Hola! another Nannie here and one who loved her trip to Spain. This is a wonderful place to learn and share.
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    Welcome! It's so nice to have you here!

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    Welcome to DD!! Spain, what an awesome place to live

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    Many welcomes to you! I was able to visit Spain in 2004 and I'm currently creating a digital album of the trip.
    Where in Spain are you?

  13. We live in Mazarron which is in the Murcia region of southern spain.
    We are very lucky as it is still one of the cheapest regions to live in.

  14. Forgot to ask where you spent your holiday in spain?

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    Welcome!! So thrilled to have you here!
    LOVES it here!

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    Welcome Jan!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jan31 View Post
    Forgot to ask where you spent your holiday in spain?
    We were mostly in Andalucia: Rota, Jerez, Puerto de Santa Maria, Arcos. Such beautiful places! We also visited Seville and Donana National Park in Huelva.

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    Welcome! You may have started with one album, but if you stick around here I'm sure it will quickly expand.

  19. Hi Jan
    Well, I'm the second person living in Spain to belong to this forum !!
    I'm just starting to look around at this digital stuff & decided that this is a good site to shop at, thought I'd have a quick look at the forum, and then I saw your original message ! I thought it must be some sort of sign that I should join this community.
    And it's the first time I've stepped off the sidelines & actually done a post.
    Also ought to just say that I live in Andalucia, in a 'normal' spanish town inland from the Costa del Sol.
    Adios.... Liz

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    Hello, Liz!! Welcome to DD!

  21. Hi Liz
    Lovely to hear from you, Andalucia is a lovely part of spain.
    We have actually stayed in Rota too, we thought it was a lovely place, we had a lovely tour of the Sherry producers in Jerez too. We keep thinking of going to Seville but with travelling to San Francisco every year to visit our son, and grandson, staying with our eldest son in england en route, and they all visit quite a few times a year we just seem to run out of time.

  22. Thanks for the welcome Scrapbird.
    Jan, you're certainly quite a traveller ! I don't get to go very far but even so, there never seems to be enough time to do all the interesting things, like crafting.

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    Welcome Liz & Jan, Glad to have you. Can't wait to see your pages. You'll love it here.

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    Welcome to DD... both Jan and Liz! And, both of you in Spain! I've never been to Spain (on my 'wish list'), but I have family ties in Grenada and have seen some GORGEOUS photos!

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    Welcome, Jan.

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    Welcome, Jan!!
    I would immediately change my winter with your sunny weather

  27. hi Debi
    I hope you get the chance to go to Granada one day as it is a really lovely city, and the Alhambre palace is so amazing.

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    Hello! Wow, your family is a bit spread out!
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    howdy! and welcome

  30. I spent some time in Spain a lovely place,1hr from Malaga Airport
    to Competa, my sister lives there

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