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Thread: Just wanted to say Thank You!

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    Just wanted to say Thank You!

    for the lovely comments posted on the layouts about my mom. I am so thankful for the call i received yesterday informing us that finally my mom is being transferred to a long term care facility 5 minutes from my house!! It is almost like coming full circle to have her back to her home town, almost. I am thankful that she is still alive and well to hug and kiss and nurture. The last year changed us all, good and bad. My mom is different now, memory problems, more dependent, can't walk anymore and i am different too. I am the caregiver now, the parent so to speak. I am worried about her like a parent would about their child - is she having a good day? Is she making friends? Did she get a bath? Our new normal. She doesn't remember much about the hospital or friends from her previous life. She doesn't remember her independence much, except she tells me now and again that she wishes she could go for a walk ( no wheelchair). It breaks my heart. I will never forget this time in my life, I was meant to do this, I knew it when i was young and i am sure of it now.

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    Wishing you strength Heather. It's a wonderful thing that you are there for her and a gift that you get some more time with her
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    A favorite saying of mine that I TRY to remember in tough circumstances, "if God brings you to it, He'll bring you through it" My version of I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Praying for your strength.

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    great quote!!!

  5. Heather, you are a wonderfully understanding and loving daughter. I understand the process of becoming the caregiver after being a daughter first for so many years. I've been through this stage with both of my parents. When my dad had to move to a nursing home it wasn't enough that I knew his physical needs were being met; I hovered over him to make sure he was making friends, getting to the activities, etc. I wanted him to be HAPPY and not miss his home. It's hard and it is like sending your child off to school or camp for the first want everything to work out for them.

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    yes merrilee, that is exactly it. Such a strange transition in life for children to go through and until you get there it is hard to understand it.

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    Sending prayers... it was a wonderful page!

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    Wonderful quote up there, and I know you'll have both the strength and the love to parent your parent. It's a strange feeling to be in that role reversal (btdt) but it's another way to give back. Hugs Heather!
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    Beautiful quote LisaD!! I so understand where you are in life, Heather. My 92 year old mother lives with us right now. I said when this decision was made that I had a senior in highschool going out the back door and another "senior" coming in my front door. We can make plans in our life, but sometimes there are other plans waiting for us. My thoughts and prayers for your mom and for you as I know there are days when you give to your mom and give to your family and forget to give to yourself................don't forget to give to yourself, Heather!!!!

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    You are strong woman and a great daughter heather! It is hard to go through these changes in our relationships with our parents, isn't it? I remember distinctly when my Dad stopped being that strong man who would tie my boots in the winter. You are doing wonderfully and I admire you!!!

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    I am sure those pages were so tough to write. I was crying just reading them! You are in the right place and I am so happy your mother has such a caring daughter watching over her. I still treasure in my heart those last visits I got with my mom. I so wish I could have seen her more often but we were 1/2 a country apart. Treasure your journey with your mom.
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    thank you again so much, i guess we all get there eventually don't we. I accept each moment as a gift, so much than i did before. I know one day i will lose her but i now have so many more memories to cherish, i have told her so many times how much i love her and i know she knows it (always has). I am so very lucky.

  13. good luck, Heather, and lots of strength as you walk this road with your mom.

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    Heather, it is a journey of sacrifice and giving. Today, I spent the day with my mom picking out the "perfect" walker. One more step in this journey together. Tomorrow, I'm home with my hubby and dog, catching my breath, doing laundry and pushing the vacuum, running in my beautiful Rocky Mt. vista, being thankful for the time in my own little cave after sharing a special moment with Mom. The journey is worth it... even with the stress that goes with it. God blesses you Heather... and your Mom. Your page was so beautiful and heartfelt. This walk is a blessing... don't you think??!!

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    I do completely.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by cstaff View Post
    This walk is a blessing... don't you think??!!
    Absolutely, it is a blessing. There are some days when the blessings are not so apparent and there are other days when then the blessings are showered down upon us like a gentle rain. I pray for you Heather, to have a beautiful journey with your mother . . . it is a journey for each of you.

    I love the verse from Philippians that Carol quoted . . . it is one that I have called upon many times. My mother and an aunt lived with us for a few years (different times) before needing to go to assisted living and eventually a nursing home. I cherish those days and look back upon them fondly.

    I love that you say that you are doing what you always knew you would do . . . you are a strong person and one who can look back at her own life without regrets or wishes of what might have been. God bless.

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