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Thread: So many new faces . . .

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    So many new faces . . .

    I have seen so many new here posts lately, and I'm afraid I may have missed a few, I was one post away from 500 so I thought I would send out a great big welcome to everyone! This place is sooo great.

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  2. It's true, Lisa, I have noticed so many new introductions, too. I'm so glad because when get to know each other it makes this wonderful hobby even more enjoyable!

    I'd like to put in a plug to all newcomers to think about making an AKA card for our AKA gallery. AKA stands for Also Known As so it can include a photo with your user name and your real first name (if you wish, that is). The first entry in the gallery is a free template for creating your AKA card. Just click on the blank template and then click on the free download.

    Here's the AKA gallery:
    AKA Challenge - Digital Scrapbooking Ideas - DesignerDigitals

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    I didn't know anything about that AKA challenge. Thanks for pointing it out Merrilee. I have to help chaperone my granddaughter's 1st ever rollerskating birthday party today but maybe I can get over to look at that challenge tonight.

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    I'll piggy-back off Lisa's post and also say a big welcome to those I missed. So many new names all at the same time, I'm afraid I can't remember who I welcomed and who I didn't! You are going to get addicted to digital and these boards, I can almost guarantee. But it's a fun addiction after getting past the first hurdle of learning your program.

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    I hope I didn't miss anyone, either. But just in case, welcome, welcome, welcome!!
    DD feels like home to me. Friends and family don't always understand how close you can be to an online community, but I just love it here. Hope you will, too.

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    Yes, welcome everyone! The more the merrier!

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