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Thread: Update on Son in Haiti

  1. info for Deanie, Tortuguair started flying out of Cap-Haitian to Nassau and providenciales, and also INsel Air and Carib Express. but there are a lot of Americans that want to get out amongst which a lot of missionaries who were supposed to leave from Port-au-Prince. let me know if I can help in any way.

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    Deanie. I hope Wes and his wife are soon on their way home. Christina, you are a blessing to us all. Deep peace and strong heart, to you.
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    Prayers for all of you. What a nightmare to live through and so glad your son and his wife Deanie and you and yours Christina are alive. That is a miracle.
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    I hope everything works out for your son and his travels!

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    We are keeping all of our extended family in our prayers. God speed to your son Deanie and so glad to hear that Christina is safe.

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  6. Oh Deanie and Christina, my thoughts are with you both - Deanie for your son's safe journey home and Christina for the strength to begin to cope with this terrible tragedy! I think everyone is shocked by what they are seeing reported both in newspapers and on video... apart from donating money, we all feel so powerless! Let us know if there is ANYTHING else we can do Christina...


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    Oh wow Deanie. I missed this post somehow. I REALLY feel for you and your family ( as well as Christina)

    I hope all is sorted out soon.
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  8. Deanie, praying for you son. I hope everything gets worked out quickly. Christina praying for you too!
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    So absolutely frightening! It is good to hear that he is ok-and so heartening to see Christina reach out--

    Imagine the possibilities...and Happy, Happy, Happy!

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    Sorry I'm so late to this post. Deanie so glad your son is ok and hope for his speedy return! Christina my heart and prayers goes out to you, your family and friends and countrymen. So glad to see that you are ok physically and able to communicate. {{{hugs}}}
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    Deanie I hope your son gets home safe and sound. I am so saddened for this country when I watch the news. My prayers go out to families who have lost loved ones and God bless all who are helping out!

  12. Christina, I am thankful that you and your family are safe in the midst of all the chaos and tragedy. I pray that needed help continues to arrive, and the wounded, homeless and bereaved find comfort, peace and refuge soon. Godspeed!

    Deanie, I am so thankful to hear that your ds is safe as well. I know this is an extremely difficult time for him and the whole mission team. I pray that they may give comfort in this time of trial and receive it as well. Please do keep us posted.

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