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Thread: Update on Son in Haiti

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    Update on Son in Haiti

    Many times we view the news of the world with interest and empathy, but it is only until we have some involvement in a tragedy do we really get an inkling of what the circumstances must be like at the apex of the event. Our son is still in Haiti, still safe but the chance of him getting home soon seems to be lessening with each day. Fuel is limited, banks are closed and information is sparse and changes with the hour. The second airport at Cap Haitian suspended service today for US carriers. The US carriers are hoping they might be able to land there tomorrow. I'm sure he'll find a way home, but it has been frustrating for our DIL. I keep thinking about Christina and the horrible loss that she must see around her everywhere. I know all of you will join me with thoughts and prayers for her and her crying nation.
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    Thoughts and prayers to your family and all those who are providing help and all those in need. Hope they are somehow able to keep contact with you to lessen your worry just a bit.

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    Oh, Deanie, you bet I will! I'm so glad he's safe, but your sadness and fear come through in your post, and my heart goes out to you, too.

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    Of course we will. And, we wish your son a speedy trip home.

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    Thanks for the update Deanie... I have been praying for all of you... and Haiti...

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    I will keep your son and everyone in Haiti and those there to help in my's just beyond my imagine what it must be like there. It's more than sad.

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    I hope he gets home safely and soon Deanie! Will keep him in our thoughts. Christina has been keeping the team up to date and is staying safe! Such a tragedy.
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    Thank you for the update. As I was reading accounts of this tragedy online this morning, I was wondering if your son was able to find a way home yet. You will all be in my thoughts.

  9. thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family and your son. Please keep us updated.

  10. Oh Deanie - I'm so glad you son is safe. Those in Haiti are never far from my thoughts these days.

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  11. So glad your son is safe and hopefully he'll get home soon! I'm continuously praying this nation.
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    Oh Deanie, I'm thinking good thoughts that he will be safe and get home soon.

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  13. Deanie, I am in Cap-Haitien too ! I came here yesterday from Port-au-Prince. I have lots of contacts and information, he can contact me if he needs anything :37-16-19-99 (that is my cell phone number, not sure if it works all the time) or contact me through you.

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    Christina, I just got chills reading your post. The way you reached out to Deanie and her son just confirms what I already knew. You are such a wonderful, giving person. I'm praying for you and your country.

    Deanie, I'm praying that your son will be able to get home soon.

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    Oh, Deanie... I'm so glad to hear your son is safe and I hope he will be able to come home soon.

    And, Christina... you know you are always in my thoughts and prayers. How thoughtful and kind of you to offer assistance. Tu es si gentille...

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    This is such a worrisome situation for you Deanie, even though you know our son is safe, it's still a hardship for him and his wife. I do hope he'll be able to get home very soon. Christina, what a good thing you do to offer assistance. My prayers are with Haiti, there's so much heartbreak there right now.

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    Christina, what a sweet thing to do to offer help! Wes is fine, just frustrated. He is in the western part of the island about 15k from Port de Paix. Because Tortug air is not flying until American starts flying into Cap Haitan again he is sort of stuck. Apparently the lack of gasoline is a problem so driving is not possible. Hopefully Tortug will fly again on Tuesday or Wednesday. He is with a church group and they are in touch with the state department ...I am so glad you have made your way to safety. Many, many prayers are coming your way.
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    This is such a tragedy. I am happy to hear that your son and his wife are safe - it must be hard to know he is there.
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    I'm so glad your son is safe and wishing him a speedy return to the states and his family.

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  20. Traveling mercies for your boy. We can only imagine what it must be like.

  21. Deanie . . . I am so glad that you are able to hear from Wes and that you know that he is o.k. I want you to know that Wes and your family are in my prayers along with those that are constantly flying upwards for Christina.

    I am touched that Christina is offering a helping hand to him . . . she is being such a strong person throughout all of this.

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  22. My heart goes out to you, Deanie. I'm glad you know your son is safe and I will keep praying for his safe return home.

    Christina is such a sweetie. I'm praying for continued safety for your family, dear one!

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    Deanie, my thoughts and prayers are with your son as well as Christina and her family and friends.

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    Such a tragedy, i will keep wes in my thoughts & hope for a safe return home soon.

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    Deanie, I'm so glad your son is safe and hope he will soon be able to find a way home.

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  26. Praying for safe return!

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  27. what it must be like experiencing this first hand. hard to imagine. prayers for all.

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    Deanie, your family and son are in my thought. I hope he has a speedy and safe return home.
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  29. Deanie, so glad to hear Wes is okay. Keeping his group in our prayers.

    Christina, you amaze me girl! What a sweetheart you are. This tragedy has been heavy on our hearts and we continue to lift up those affected in our prayers.

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  30. So glad to hear that your son is OK...that must be such a relief to you. I will continue to pray for those affected by this terrible tragedy.

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