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Thread: Hi from a newbie in Iowa!

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    Smile Hi from a newbie in Iowa!

    Hi everyone! I am new to scrapbooking in general as well as digital scrapbooking. I came across a book on digital scrapbooking at Hobby Lobby last summer shortly before we had our first son, and thought that would be a great way to keep memories especially without all the hassle of tons of papers etc. to get out each time (which I knew I would never do with a new baby!). So I bought Photoshop Elements 7, but knew next to nothing about where to start.

    Then this fall I just did a Google search and came across Designer Digitals. I LOVED what I saw in the gallery and all of the materials that were offered in the store. So I joined, gave it a try, and have since learned a lot about digital scrapbooking from the great tips, others' posts, the tutorials, trial and error, etc. It is SO much fun! I really love that it feels like a community on here and I get to see faces of the people who respond to my pages. Thanks so much to everyone for all the great comments!

    I am awed by everyone's pages, and especially by the photography I've seen on here. It has so inspired me that I am planning to make the leap and buy my first DSLR camera today! (A Canon XSi) I already have Katrina's Get Me Off of Auto E-book to get me going. That way I won't have to rely anymore on the pictures I've had taken by others (I feel like I'm doing pages of all the same photos or am running out of good photos at this point.) And I have hopes of doing a 365 book this year! So there's my whole story (probably more than I needed to share), but thank you to everyone for the comments and tips, and for making this a great site!

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    Welcome! Sounds like you have been busy learning and creating some wonderful pages! DD is filled with so much inspiration and so many great people to share their knowledge and info. Great place to hang out and share and learn and have FUN!

    I grew up in northern Iowa myself!
    Nice to meet you!

  3. Welcome! I'm new here, too, and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.
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    You are on a scrapping role! WTG! I recently got my first DSLR as well & am loving it! Glad to have you here!

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    Welcome! You are all set for some great pages! The tutorials and people here are great. I always leave the site inspired to do something great!

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    Welcome, Amanda! If you jump into Katrina's book, you'll learn a ton and will never look back. Doing a 365 book is the best thing you can do to learn your camera, and a new skill. My photography improved dramatically over last year when I did Project 365. Have fun with it!
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    Welcome Amanda! Looks like you've already learned a ton. You have some amazing pages in the gallery. Glad you're here.

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    Welcome to DD, Amanda -- it's great to have you here, and I've already been enjoying your layouts in the gallery.

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    Welcome glad to have you here with us!!!

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    Welcome. I'm glad that you are here. I just discovered DD this summer and have also loved being here. I love the pages you have posted. Keep it up!

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    Welcome Amanda! Glad you've joined us and are having fun!
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    Hi Amanda, and welcome to DD! I am just starting to learn how to use a dSLR too and I'm going to be using Katrina's book as well, so I look forward to our journey in that together!
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    Welcome to DD.

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    Cool Amanda! Welcome to the world of digi!

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    Welcome Amanda!

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