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    Hi. My name is Heather, mom to a 2 and 4 year old...and I have been absolutely adoring this site for a few months. I thought I would briefly share my recent journey into digital scrapbooking, which literally began in about October of 2009 as the holiday season was fast approaching. I knew it was finally time for me to figure out a way to get organized, and get all the digital photos that were piling up on my hard drive into some albums. I tinkered with the idea of paper scrapping, but was a little overwhelmed when I walked into my local Jo-Ann Fabrics as I tried to determine what punches and papers and stickers, etc. I would need. The sales associate told me I had to buy a die-cut machine and cartridges. Once I saw the cost of those devices...I thought there had to be another way.

    Previously, I had assembled a very basic Shutterfly album for a family reunion last summer, so I started looking at Shutterfly's site & examples of other's photobooks. I quickly realized that there were options beyond their set templates. Soon I was buying Photoshop Elements 8 from Costco, which included a disc called "Learn Digital Scrapbooking." I was slowly starting to get my sea legs with PSE when all of sudden I discovered the most amazing thing ever online- a "freebie blog train." It was unbelievable. There were actually people giving away digital scrapbooking items for free...and lots of them. I could not believe it. Thinking I won the equivalent of a digi lottery...I soon found tons of digiscrapbook websites and blogs, but more importantly----more freebies. Consequently, I was distracted for about 2 weeks of doing nothing but downloading every freebie I could find. It did not matter what it was free, and I was sure it was going to vanish into thin air if I did not download it quickly.

    After overloading my hard drive with items I now know I will never use ...I needed to learn more about what to do with my new bounty of elements, frames and I started researching tutorials. That is when I had the great fortune to find Jessica Sprague's site. I was finally starting to get on the right track. Several of Jessica's great tutorials used products from Katie Pertiet. It was just a matter of time before I eventually clicked a link to Designer Digitals, and voila....found my digital scrap home.

    I was drawn in from my first visit. Seriously, I would love to repaint all the rooms of my house with shades of Katie's cardstock. And, I wish there was a way to make pretty little floral dresses and skirts from her botanical prints. (Love them more than Anthropologie!) Next thing I could not get enough of -- Anna's Hipster Plumes. OMG...they are so great. And who knew I would be so taken with someone else's cursive handwriting??? Well, as evidenced by the number of Ali Edwards' words and phrase packs I have bought...that would be me.

    Each night after I put the kiddos to bed, I can literally look through the galleries for hours. I am so inspired and impressed with all your layouts and designs. I can't say how much I have enjoyed the December Daily pages (I am still slowly working through mine using Katie's Days of December No. 2 set). And, I have started to put together my Project 365 outline. I still have not summoned up the courage to post my first layout, but I am trying to get to that point soon after finishing some more tutorials (and hope that anyone who looks at it will know it is very basic and beginner). I know I will be a template-user for a long time before designing my own pages. I am just so excited by the prospect of documenting my children over the years, and particularly the ability to journal the small daily events that make special memories (and help me to remember).

    Anyhoo, thank you for your patience if you have read this far. I think this site is just AWESOME (and head and shoulders above any of the others out there).

    So to all of you...many thanks for what you do (and all do so well)!
    Best, Heather

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    Wow! That is quite a journey you've made into the digital world! Welcome! We're so excited to have you here! I hope you find DD to be warm and welcoming. It's been my home since 2005, and I've met the most amazing and wonderful people who have become dear friends. If you need any help getting started, don't be afraid to ask.

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    I'll second that! I found DD at a very difficult time in my life and it has made a world of difference. This is a great place and we're looking forward to having you here too.
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    I'll third all that This is home. Please don't feel afraid to post a layout!!!! The encouragement and comments are one of the BEST parts of this place!! Ok...there are a lot of BEST parts of this place...but really post them!! I can't wait to see your gallery! Welcome Heather! I think you'll enjoy your stay!

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    Let me start by saying welcome. I can hardly wait to see your layouts. I can tell that your journaling will be wonderful. This place is great glad you are here.

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    Well you definitely settled into the best place in the digi-world (or the scrapping world for that matter)! Welcome and we all look forward to seeing your layouts!
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    Heather, I loved reading your posting about your journey into digital scrapbooking! I am so glad you found your way here to DD! Welcome! Please don't be shy about is fun to get feedback from others who share this hobby and it's a great way to make new friends!

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    This is a great place to be. I ended up here about the same way that you did but last January. Welcome from a fellow Gator (but I've been in Arizona for the last 20 years)!

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    I'm so glad you found DD -- it's really a wonderful, nurturing community of the most fabulous group of people. I'm looking forward to seeing your layouts in the gallery.

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    so glad you found DD and call it home. this is a wonderful community with so many caring individuals. If you need help, just shout. We were all beginners at one time. Welcome!

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    You got me thinking back to how I found this place....and I honestly can't remember! LOL! But, the minute I saw some of Katie's papers, I was like you, and I knew that I was hooked. Glad you are here, and definitely post your layouts. Everyone was a beginner once, and everyone here is kind and encouraging!!!

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    Heather, Welcome to DD! Nice to meet you and so glad you're here!

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    Welcome Heather. I too am just a newby, and have found this place to be very friendly, encouraging, and helpful. Plus it is totally addictive. I find myself here every free minute I have. Can't wait to see some of your layouts.

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    Hi! I lived in FL a few years as a child for a couple of short periods as an adult. I've got relatives there still.

    I'm a paper scrapper that just started dabbling in digital. People are trying to tell me I'll convert and it's quicker but I don't think so. LOL I think there's room for both in my world. LOL
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    Welcome..loved to read about your are going to be one fabulous scrapper with your talent with words...your journaling is going to rock! Can't wait for you to start posting!! So happy you found DD!

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    Heather I am so glad you found your way here, I loved reading about your journey I started out pretty much the same way, went through all the classes Jessica had to offer and landed here and never left This is really my home away from home, you get to know everybody and you will find help whenever you need it. And of course the products are wonderful!!! I remember those freebie days too well, the stuff that you never use...the blog trains....too funny. Anyway, so glad to meet you and please, please post those pages, we would love to leave you some love

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    Welcome to DD, Heather!! Love reading what you wrote, You are going to love it here. Lots of inspiration and great help too Welcome!

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    Welcome! Thanks foir the intro!! We're thrilled to have you here!
    LOVES it here!

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    Welcome, Heather!! Glad you chose Designer Digitals for your home!! You will meet the best people here who have so much love for each other.

    This is the most wonderful group and I know you will love it here!! So happy you are part of our group!

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    Welcome to DD, Heather! Thanks for the intro and we're very glad you've joined our DD family!

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    Welcome, Heather!!! What a fantastic post!!! Can't wait to see your pages - and templates rock - so don't ever worry about using them. I'm totally and completely addicted to Cathy Zielske's templates.
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    Welcome to DD Heather! Loved reading your intro - i can relate to so much of what you wrote (ie the download freebies spree!) lol I will keep my eye out for your first gallery post.

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    Ooh Heather, it is so fun to read about your digi journey and how you ended up here. I created my first page using a tutorial from Jessica Sprague's site on how to use a template and BOOM, the world of digi became wide open to me. And I landed here, because I agree with you... the best goodies are here! And everyone is so helpful and sweet, it's become a home away from home for me too.

    I look forward to seeing your pages. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! We were all beginners once!
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    Welcome! I KNOW your excitement!! LOVE digital! I wanted to learn to print a few things for my paper pages and was NEVER planning to make a full digital page..............boy was I wrong! This is such a wonderful place for inspiration and information and encouragement.

    Nice to meet you!

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    Hi Heather! It was fun reading about your journey to find us... welcome home! By the way, many of us use templates ALL the time... it's a great way to jump start your page and have fun in the creativity of making them your own!
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    COOL! Loved reading your story! Welcome

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    Thanks for such a great introduction Heather and a big welcome to DD!!

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