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Thread: New to Digital Design - help!

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    New to Digital Design - help!

    Hey guys! My name is Ali, and I am new to Designer Digitials.

    I am not new to scrapbooking as it's my favorite thing to do. I am new to photography. I love photo's but alway used a normal point and shoot digital camera. My boyfriend bought me a new Canon SLR camera with 3 lenses and a few other things. I have no idea how to work any of it! I would love to get into the photography part of it all.

    I have been trying to go through the boards, and I am so over whelmed. Where do I start? Any suggestions?? I'm willing to take courses, challenges etc! I am so excited, but I dont know where do start.

  2. Here's a link to our Getting Started section There's a downloadable pdf guide as well as links to read it online.

    You will need a good graphics editing program to successfully digitally scrapbook. We recommend Adobe Photoshop Elements. It's relatively easy to use, fairly inexpensive (under $100) and there are so many people using PS Elements, that it's easy to get help and find tutorials for it.

    We have a number of helpful tutorials in our shop that are very helpful as well.

    Also checkout the Freebies section as there is a little of everything and the quality is just as good as anything in the store.

  3. Welcome! There are so many places to start and this place just rocks so you oicked a great place to start!

    If I were you I would start with a tutorial or two (or in my case 15!). They are by Cassie Jones the resident rockstar tutorial maker. Here's a link to the store. Just click on the picture and it'll take you there.

    Then post away. We'd love to see you!

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    I tried to click the picture, and it didnt take me to another link. It just opened the picture in another window. Maybe try again?? I am probably going to need 15 too Thanks for all the help!

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    I have photoshop cs3. I bought a mac book pro, and all the programs, and then I moved and switched schools, and dropped my design minor. Oh how I wish I had it now! So, I have some of the stuff, I just dont know how to use any of it. I'll check out your links. Thank you!

  6. hmm sorry about that..I'll try again...

  7. Should work now!
    Enjoy your new gear!

  8. Welcome to DD! We are excited to have you with us!
    Congratulations on your new gear. Sounds like you are in for a lot of fun!

    For photography, I recommend Katrina's e-books. Katrina is really easy to follow and they are full of helpful tips. Katrina is an amazing photographer and teacher.

    I second the recommendation on Cassie's ebooks as well. They give you step by step instructions and you get the pieces/parts to play along with her as you work through the tutorial!

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    Welcome! Yep - Cassie for scrapping tutorials and Katrina for Photography would be the way to go - and don't worry - you'll be just as addicted as the rest of us in a VERY short time!

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    Thank guys! Where do I buy these tutorials?? I would love to start to download some of them..

    Thanks for all the help!

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    Just click on the "Supplies" link in the purple bar at the top of this page.

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  12. You can see all the tutorials in the store here:

    Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials from DesignerDigitals

    To begin learning how to use your software for scrapping, I recommend doing the "Getting Started" tutorials first. The "Laying It All Out" series is a sort of "make-and-take" format where I walk you through the entire process of creating a complete page and provide all the necessary materials. The "How'd They Do That?" tutorials focus on a specific technique and include some goodies for playing. The "P.S. I Love You" tutorials are for Photoshop users (not Photoshop Elements). There are also a couple of video tutorials that will help you learn actions (in PS) and get the hang of using brushes.

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  13. #13 are one lucky person!! You have a new set of camera gear, a great computer, software and now you found US!! Your stars are right, child.
    Cassie is the BEST. Just follow her instructions and then do it again. Give yourself a year to learn and don't waste time crying when it seems like you are stupid. (I just did this today about how to add a photo to a maybe we should just accept it as part of the deal.)
    For your camera you are so lucky cause Katrina just started putting out her tuts on photography and they are great. Just go to the store and get all you want. Too bad we can't buy time there, eh?
    But mostly you are in for a very fun ride. Happy to have you here with us.
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    buying time would be amazing! Are the tut's for photoshop or photoshop element?? I dont want to buy ones that wont work for me...

    Thanks everyone! I'm excited!! Is there a form that we can post photos and get others opinions or ideas???

  15. Hi there, Ali!

    All Cassie's tutorials are for Photoshop Elements and Photoshop.

    Except the PS I Love You.....that's for Photoshop only.

    The Designer Digitals Ideas gallery is where members post their layouts.

    There is a special gallery for photographs.
    DD Photography Gallery

    As you look around the site you will find that there are several specialty galleries for different challenges and projects.

    Have fun exploring and I hope you start posting soon! We're happy you're here!

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    Hi Ali and welcome to Designer Digitals! I was a paper scrapper for a long time and started digi scrapping almost a year ago now. I have really loved it.

    This year, also I have a goal to learn to take great pictures with my new dSLR and I will also be using Katrina's "Get Me Off Auto" tutorial. So perhaps we can go through that journey together!

    Feel free to keep asking questions. We love to help around here.
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    Hi Ali, welcome here!

    Iam also new here, and there's is so much information ,inspiration and to learn here! It's really great!
    My blog ;

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    Welcome to DD, Ali!

  19. Hi Ali. I remember that feeling. The one where I cant wait to start, but so afraid to start and that big one that says, "How do I start"!! Looking back on it now, I think that was when I was on top of the world with excitement. Patricia is right. You are one lucky person to have come to DD!

  20. Welcome to DD Ali!!! You have gotten some great advice and links so I won't be redundant...just have fun with it, and don't hesitate to ask any questions!! Everyone is more than happy to help out!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kathleen.summers View Post
    Hi Ali and welcome to Designer Digitals! I was a paper scrapper for a long time and started digi scrapping almost a year ago now. I have really loved it.

    This year, also I have a goal to learn to take great pictures with my new dSLR and I will also be using Katrina's "Get Me Off Auto" tutorial. So perhaps we can go through that journey together!

    Feel free to keep asking questions. We love to help around here.

    Yes! I just started the tutorial today.. and I'm like ohh thats what this button does! It's quite amazing! I'd love to see your projects and stuff as well as you do them

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    Welcome! Take some time and look around and you will find everything you need! The people here are great and the tutorials are fantastic.

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    hi and welcome. You have discovered the best place online for digital scrapbooking! You will love it here!! Jump on in!

  24. Hello and welcome~this is a great place to be!

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    Welcome to DD, you already got a ton of great advice, so I just add my welcome here!

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