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Thread: Hi from Cadiz, Kentucky

  1. Smile Hi from Cadiz, Kentucky

    Hi my name is Candy. I am 53 years old and I live in KY with my husband and 3 doxie dogs. I have raised 4 boys, have 2 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. I have been doing PSP for about 5 years, tags and stats. This year i have been in a rut and i think it's because i got bored. then i discovered scraps, wow what a community, i am hooked and now want to learn how to do them. I have PSP X2, PSE 7 and PS4, oh and also Photo Impact. I took a class for PS in college a few years ago and then learned PSP and didn't go back to PS. I have forget most of it. I want to re-learn that and pse 7. I don't care for Photo Impact to much but don't know it that well either. I also love photography and have taken thousands of picture. I am looking to buy a new camera soon. I have a Sony Cyber-Shot 3x 5.1 mega pixs, a JVC video camera and a cannon A560 Power Shot. They take okay pics but i want a really good one like a Nikon or Olympus. Maybe you all have some suggestions. I found your site when looking for PSE 7 tutorials. Well i think that is enough about me!! Look forward to meeting and learning with you.

    Love and hugs

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    Welcome Candy! You will love it here!

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    Welcome, Candy! This is a good place for learning and sharing.

  4. Welcome, Candy!
    Well, to start, I would suggest checking out Cassie's tutorials in the shop. Her tutorials are awesome for beginners through advanced PS or PSE users!

    Designer Digitals is a great place to meet folks, ask questions (there is no such thing as a stupid question here!), learn, and post your awesome artwork! I hope you post in the gallery soon!

    I have a Nikon camera and I LOVE it! If I were in your shoes, I would look into a Nikon D80. The Nikon D40 is great, but getting a new lens for them is super hard/expensive. I am sure that a Canon girl will jump in and tell you all about a Canon too! I would be happy with a Canon, I just happen to have a Nikon! Speaking of cameras, when you get a new one, Katrina & crew has a brand new e-book in the store on understanding your camera and getting it off auto!

    Again, welcome! I hope you find DD (Designer Digitals) to be your second home!

  5. Welcome to DD! I'm the mom of four boys as well. Mine are in the elementary/junior high age.

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    Hi Candy,
    Welcome to the DD community, you'll love it here. I second the comment about Cassie's tutorials, they are written for PS and PSE. I've had Photoshop for years but only used it to correct problem photos. I used another software for scrapping, but since I've been doing Cassie's tutorials I'm completely converted to Photoshop and it's amazing capabilities.
    I'm a doxie lover too, but just have the one, not enough room on the lap for any more!
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  7. Hello from Cincy, OH and welcome to DD!

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    So glad you've found us!

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    Welcome Candy!! glad you found DD---you'll love this place.

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    So glad to meet you!!! I think you'll find this to be a fun and inspirational community! :O)

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    Glad you found us - glad you introduced yourself - welcome, you'll love it here!

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    Hi, Candy -- welcome to DD! Cassie's tutorials are a wonderful place to start, and the terrific designers here have created the most awesome products -- something for everyone. Looking forward to seeing your work in the gallery.

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    Hi Candy! Welcome to DD... you found a great place to be =)

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    Welcome Candy! You will love the creativity & camaraderie here!
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    Welcome Candy! DD is the best place to hang out to learn things. I'll have to second Joey's recommendations about Cassie's tutorials and Katrina photography book. Both are well written and easy to understand.
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    Welcome to DD, Candy!!

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    Hi Candy! I raised 4 sons too! We're glad you found us!

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    Hi Candy and welcome! First off, Kelly "mugsbigsis" isn't really the frog that is showing in her avatar right now (or maybe she is!), but the sister of Cassie, the brilliant maker of magic through her tutorials (yes we're all hooked!).
    Secondly, I know you're going to love it here at DD!

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    Welcome Candy! I find that if I see someone using a technique I don't know how to do, I add their page to my favorites and try to figure out how they did it. I've learned a lot that way. I look forward to seeing many pages with your doxies! I feel like a nerd for always scrapping about mine, but she's so cute I can't help myself.

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    Hi there, so good to meet you!!! I sure hope you will feel comfortable around here, sounds like you have quite an education Can't wait to see what you'll come up with, Cassie's tutorials are a great way to get started, she is very detailed and help is always available should you need it. Nikon cameras are awesome (some prefer Canons, but we don't listen to them)

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    Welcome to DD. You are gonna love it here. I can't praise the tutorials enough, and the templates are great too, and did anyone mention the sales, new material every week, and 25cent items.

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  22. Welcome to DD Candy!!

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  23. Welcome to Designer Digitals, Candy! I know that you will love it here. The girls are so helpful . . . I don't believe that I have every seen a question posted here that has gone unanswered.

    I too have four children . . . three of boys . . . and eight grandchildren. We grandmother's have lots to scrap about, don't we?

    I have a Canon point and shoot and also, a Canon DSLR. I LOVE both of them.

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