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    joined Flickr group

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself. I've been on this site for awhile, don't remember if I posted here though.

    My name is Celena. I have been paper scrapbooking for eight years or so and I started experimenting with digital a few months ago. I am a newlywed and live in Phoenix, AZ (Mesa). I work in accounting and loyally watch Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, Desperate Housewives.

    I read about the flickr group in the 4th quarter chat event going on today and really have wanted to take more pictures of my life right now, not just the big events. Bonus is I just got this new phone and so its easy to email pictures to flickr on the go.


  2. Welcome!

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    Welcome! So glad you found us!

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    Hi Celena...Welcome! I have a Mesa family too. ;-)

    Being retired, and with all adult children scattered here and there..mostly there...I tend to take photos that revolve around the daily things we do. Those are precious to me...kind of modifying the Buddhist quote - Chop wood, carry water, take photos of same.
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