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Thread: Hi :)

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    Hi :)

    Hi Everyone,

    I kind of wandered in and started posting in the gallery without really introducing myself (I'm a little shy that way ). So, hi! I guess I should make it official.

    I just started digi scrapping a few months ago and am having so much fun. I don't know what I should do w/ my paper supplies... Especially things like my Slice, that I only just bought in May... I honestly can't see going back to paper anytime soon!

    Nice to meet you all.


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    Welcome to DD. I just started a few months ago also, but had never done paper scrapping - so I don't have any leftovers from that.

    You'll love it here. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. And all the posted layouts are so inspirational. I especially like viewing the gallery layouts and being able to see a list of what products were used. That's a big help and much appreciated.

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    Hello Lisa!

    Nice to meet you! Your pages are wonderful and glad you are enjoying digital. I'm right there with you with the scrap supplies..........I was never going to do FULL digital page. I just wanted to print out some elements to add to my paper scrapbooking...............I was Soooooooo wrong and LOVE digital!

    DD is a great place for inspiration!

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    Welcome you found a great place! So happy to have you hear =) I sold all my paper supplies in a garage sale so that I could buy more stuff for my digi addiction!!!

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    Hi Lisa! I know what you mean, i have lots of beautiful paper supplies sitting here gathering dust, including a slice! I will probably sell that. Fortunately my daughter likes to make art journals so she can use up some of it. Welcome to DD!

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    Welcome. We are happy that you are here and I really like your style...beautiful pages. I am new here as well. I just started posting a few months ago. I'm right there with you on the paper supplies. I just rationalize that they will be great for school products some day. Designer Digitals has been a wonderful place for me as well. I'm glad that you found it!

  7. Hi Lisa! I am glad you intorduced yourself! Welcome to DD!

    I kept some of my paper stuff for my kids to use for kraft projects. I have pulled out my tools several times to make perfect circles or to trim photos that I print! I let my kids create art with my paper, stickers, markers, etc.

  8. Hi Lisa! I think it is so nice when newcomers take time to introduce themselves. Welcome to our DD community. I think you've already discovered it's a great place here.

    Good luck parting with the paper supplies!

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    Hi there and welcome to DD!! Always nice to see a new "face" - can't wait to see more of your work!
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    Welcome! You will like it here!

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    Welcome - i too just recently starting posting after lurking for awhile. I'm with you on the paper supplies. In fact, I just bought a big plastic tub and moved most of it out of my study - to get more room for Cassie's tutorials that i've bought/printed and books for digi scrapping! I figure that I'm going to keep most of my paper/sticker selection for kiddo, and eventually will probably sell the albums and pages that I have. Althought 12x12 printed digi pages would fit in the albums with a bit of trimming, so who knows!



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    Welcome to our digi heaven. You will love it here. I never really did that much paper scrapping...mostly just a whole lot of paper scrapping BUYING!! I am sitting now in what I call my playroom and it is jammed with walls of stamps, papers, ribbons, inks, and little pieces of stuff I somehow thought I was going to stick on pictures of my GRAND PEOPLE!!! No way. They will get to stick it on stuff later. Meanwhile, I am creating digital records of their lives and my own. This is definitely the way to be.
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    Hi Lisa
    Welcome! I never paper scrapped but what I did buy...yeah, I'm a kindergartner at heart...went to a collection for the Boys and Girls club. Gives me more space for binders like Jennifer makes. There are a lot of Cassie tutorials in the fattest one. ;-)
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  14. Welcome!!

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    Welcome Lisa!! I started out with paper scrapping too. Once I started digital I was hooked and never looked back. I finally sold all my paper stuff so I could buy more digi supplies.

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    Hi Lisa! Welcome to DD! I guess you've realized by now that this is an addictive hobby. . . the papers, the doodads and the DD Family!

  17. Hi and Welcome to DD!

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    Welcome! I have to admit, I'm wishing I had some paper supplies, as I really like doing mini albums and cards and such--but I never paper scrapped, so I'm going at it all backwards, from digi to hybrid. But for full-size pages, I'm all digi and can't imagine it any other way.

    Glad to have you aboard!
    Laura in CT

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  19. Thanks for the introduction Lisa and welcome to DD!! We are glad you found us

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    happy to see you introducing yourself my friend : )

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    Welcome to DD Lisa!!!

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    Hi Lisa! Welcome

    Keep on the sunny side of life

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    Hi, Lisa, and welcome to DD. I was a long-time paper scrapper until about 18 months ago. I had a whole room full of stuff. I sold some things on eBay and gave the rest to my nephew's wife who is a paper scrapper (until I can convince her otherwise). We're glad to have you here.

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    Welcome Lisa! I am enjoying your gallery.

    I went digital 18 months ago and I haven't looked back. I've got $$$ in gift certificates for a paper store and I can't find a thing I want to buy there! Plenty to buy here at DD, though!
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    Hey girl!!! Sooooo glad to have you at DD!!!
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    Welcome to DD Lisa

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  27. Welcome aboard, Lisa. Glad you are with us. This is the greatest place to be!!! I was a paper scraper, too, but I still sit among all my stuff as I digi away!! I will never go back, either. But some day, I will figure out what to do with all these dust collectors!!

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    Welcome Lisa! We're glad to have you here!!
    LOVES it here!

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    It's so sweet of you to introduce yourself. So good to meet you!!!!

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    Lisa, welcome, it's nice of you to introduce yourself. You might still like to use your paper supplies for hybrid, or cards, like I do!

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