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    Slow Learner

    I am new to digital scrapbooking but have big ambitions to finish an anniversary book for my parents before Thanksgiving. I just bought Photoshop Elements 8 and am learning how to use that. I have been loading the free backgrounds and embellishments to my computer to see where they go before I buy a scrapbook kit. I added the freebies to my PSE organizer and they come up like pictures. Is that where they are supposed to be? Or are they supposed to be in the PSE backgrounds section. If so how do I get them in my background section? Did this make snese? Thanks for any help in this new adventure of mine!!

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    Welcome to DD -- we're glad to have you here. To create a page, you need to be in the "Edit" portion of the program. I use PSE6 but am guessing PSE8 is similar. When you create a new page (ctrl + N), you can then open elements (paper, embellishments, etc.) and add them to your page. You may want to investigate some of the great tutorials like this one available in the store:

    Getting Started: Your First Layout - Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials


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    Hi Kelly1125 !!!
    Welcome to DD's I totally agree with Linda... if you just learning it's better to start with Cassie's tutorials they will help you alot and my other suggestion is to browse thru DD's forums, 'cause you can find lots of answers rite away without waiting for somebody to respond...

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    I also suggest the Photoshop Elements Tips under "Getting Started" at the top of the page. There is a wealth of information there too. Welcome and enjoy the learning process. Donna

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    Welcome Kelly!! - you've been given good advice in pointing you in the direction of Cassie's superb tutorials. These really do take you through the different processes step by step - they are a great investment! Good luck with your parents anniversary album, they will be thrilled!


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    Hi Kelly! Welcome to DD! How wonderful to have a project in mind for your first digital pages. The project will motivate you to get started and complete it in time and meanwhile you will be learning all about your software!

    Since you will be working under a time limit, I, too, strongly suggest purchasing Cassie's tutorial. It will definitely make it easier to get professional results right out of the starting gate!

    I second Donna's advice about the Photoshop Elements tips section, too.

    Keep us posted!

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    Good morning Kelly! WElcome to DD . . . I know that you are going to love it here just like the rest of us.

    I too have PSE . . . I use 5.0. I don't load my DD kits or freebies into my organizer (although I am sure that others must). I just have a file for Designer Digitals and sub files in it for each designer . . . and under each designer I have additional files for kits, paper packs, elements, templates, etc. This is just easier for me personally . . . I think that each person finds the best way for herself. Good luck with Thanksgiving album. I am sure that it is going to be wonderful!

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    Hey Kelly. Welcome. You'll love it here in our digi heaven. All are so helpful. I started like you - trying to make a special occasion book. You will be hooked and you are at the start of a great adventure in learning. Follow the advise above and you will be on your way. Love to see you work as you complete your pages. I'll look for you in the gallery.
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    Just to add to what's been said here . . .

    If you want to keep them in your Organizer, then they are in the correct place. I use Organizer exclusively for my supplies, because I can tag everything and see it all right there when I need it. (I used to be a database administrator, so I'm super-picky about organization, accessibility, and consistency.) When you keep it in Organizer, it won't load into Elements Backgrounds. Those are pre-made backgrounds from Elements that you can use instead of scrapbook elements.

    So you would drag the freebie "picture" from the Organizer into the project bin of the Editor, and then you can work with it from there.

    If you are going to continue digi scrapping, it's good to try to find an organizational tool that works best for **you** before you collect too much stuff! Tagging and organizing over and over in different systems can become overwhelming. I started with Organizer, and I have it just the way I like it, so I'm comfortable, and efficient. Others use Bridge or ACDSee or programs like that, and those might work for you, too. Just go with what makes it easiest on you.

    I hope you get your book done!
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    Hi there and welcome to DD! That is quite an undertaking you have taken on. I hope you'll start out by using the tutorial Linda recommended, so you won't waste time making mistakes that will slow you down. I hope we'll get to see the finished product!

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    Welcome to DD! I wouldnt be much of help with the program stuff. I use a total different program (photoimpact). Just wanted to say Hi and welcome to DD!

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    Hello, and WELCOME, Kelly! It's great to have another DD friend to share in all the fun!

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    Thank you so much for the many responses and advice that each of you have given me. I have never used a forum before and this is kind of fun. I appreciate all of your support and I will look into those tutorials. I have watched many from PSE but have not purchased any of Cassie's. Thank you, Sarah, for answering my question about loading my downloads into Organizer. I like that method and it seems to work well for me. I like how I can keep backgrounds, embellishments, etc.. in different files. That make it easy to find. I just wanted to make sure that is where they were supposed to go. I do have 3 more questions. When I am making a scrapbook layout with several diffferent pictures, how can I make them the exact same dimension. Is there a toll that tells me the dimensions of a pictrue so that I can make other pictures that exact same size? I have looked and clicked on everything and I can't find it. Also, can I change the color of a shape. When I add a shape, perhaps behind picture, can I change the color of that shape? It is black in the contents but it shows up gray. I want it black. My background is dark but I think the shape woould look better black, not gray. Lastly, I can't figure out the text box. I want to add text to one side of my page. I want to write a paragraph but when Ienlarge the box to the size I want the letter grow with the box and I can't fit any writing in it. I have looked for these answers in tutorials but must not be looking a the right ones. Any more help would be greatly appreciated.

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    To resize a text box, make sure you are using the edit text tool and not the pointer tool. If you click inside the box like you are going to type then you know you have the right one. Then, move the mouse until you are at the corner of the text box. The pointer should change and you can grab the little box there to resize the text box.



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