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Thread: New here and in need of help

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    Smile New here and in need of help

    Hi Everyone: I've been wandering around the web looking for digital scrapbooking info and found this site thru Shutterfly. I love the way everyone is so encouraging of the other members and of course the LOs are beautiful. I've been scrapbooking since 2000 but quite honestly I'm not very crafty and think that digital scrapbooking might suit me better... all the 'stuff' that goes with regular scrapbooking just overwhelms me. I downloaded the 'Getting Started' pdf from here and am going to purchase some of the tutorials that Cassie has... is there a 'best' way to get started? I found my way to 'Get It Scrapped' from here and noticed the class on Shutterfly Savvy would that also help? or am I getting ahead of myself? I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks and looking forward to spending some time here. Donna in NJ

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    Welcome Donna!

    I think you are on the right track! Pattie's Shutterfly Savvy class is a perfect compliment to Cassie's tutorials and the Getting Started information here. Plus you get a free shutterfly book with the class so what a great way to get your digi life started!

    Like you I was overwhelmed with all of the paper stuff and found my home in digi-land! I hope you share your layouts and your questions as you navigate this land!!


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    Hi Donna!

    Welcome to DesignerDigitals. A great way also to check out our "high quality" product is to use some of the freebies that we have. There is something of everything there from paper, alphas, elements and templates so enjoy!

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    Welcome!!!!! I think you're going to love it here! :O)

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    Sounds like you are on the right track! I did a couple of Cassie tutorials in the beginning and I was completely hooked! I have since done them all =)

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    Welcome, Donna! Sounds like you have a great start-up plan. Enjoy!

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    You've definitely found the best place on the web for all things digital, Donna. The supplies are top notch, and the community here is inspiring and supportive. Starting with Cassie's tutorials is an excellent plan, and Pattie's class at Get It Scrapped will show you how to put it all together in an album. I look forward to seeing your work in the gallery!

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    Welcome to DD great to have you!
    When I first started, I bought 3-4 of Cassie's tutorials & just went through them one by one...then I posted them to the gallery here!
    I also participated in the template challenges on Thursdays & the Sat scraplift, to find my creative side & learn new techiques from others here.
    I can't wait to see you in the gallery

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    Welcome to the best place around. I think your plan is a great one to get started and can't wait to see you post your work.

    As you start collecting your digital supplies, every Sunday DD has two items for $.25 and on Thursdays there is a sale on selected items. they have a store wide sale once a quarter with all day chats on a Saturday during the sale.

    I think you will be addicted in no time.

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    Once you've done a couple of Cassie's tutorials, jump in and do some challenges! There are weekly challenges associated with the freebies (be sure to sign up for the weekly e-mail) and there are several cool challenges on the blog. Can't wait to see your stuff! Welcome!
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    Welcome to the site, you're right, it is a really friendly supportive place.

    I started with one of the challenges and was hooked. The tutorials do make everything clear, and we're always here to answer any questions.

    I was a paper scrapper before this, and I find I'm much braver with digi LOs as the undo button is there, I've tried a lot more techniques already than I ever did with paper.

    Look forward to seeing your LOs in the gallery!
    Chrissy x

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    Everyone has already offered great suggestions, and it sounds like you're on the right track. I just wanted to say welcome to the site, and I look forward to seeing your pages!

    You're going to love it here.

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    Welcome to DD, it's great to have you here. You got some great advice already and don't forget the PSE and PS help sites also. If you need anything hop over there and just ask. We have some really savvy people onboard!

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    just jump on it!!! Welcome!!!

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    Welcome!!! Have fun learning and when you're done with Cassie's first tutorial you'll already have a completed page! Can't wait to see it! Thanks for joining us!

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    Welcome Donna! This is a great place to learn all the tricks of digital scrapbooking. You will love it here

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    Hi Donna,
    welocme, You're going to love it here! Th eonly suggestion I might add, is to figure out how you'll organize your digital supplies! Or they could also overwhelm you! Looking forward to seeing your layouts.

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    Thank you so much everyone for the warm welcome and words of encouragement... I knew I'd found the right place :-)

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    Welcome to DD. Great advice from everyone. Just have fun with it and start simple - the freebies are a great idea! Enjoy, and don't be afraid to ask questions if you get stumped. Everyone here is always willing to help if they can.

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    Welcome Donna! You will love it here for the supplies sold, the great help and advice and of course for all the friendliest scrappers.

    Cassie's tutorials are wonderful and an on-line class of your choice really helps. I never scrapped till I came here, and I think it took me a year to feel really comfortable with a lot of what I was doing.

    I too suggest organizing from the git-go, since I overwhelmed myself with purchases and then realized I needed organization. Really needed it!

    But most of all have fun Donna!!
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    Welcome to DD, Donna! I know that you can tell from all of the great advice that you have found a warm, friendly & helpful place to hang out.

    We have fun ... and also we learn lots at the same time. I have never asked a question without immediately getting it solved.

    For a quick start, you might want to check Lynn Grieveson's Saturday Scraplift in the morning and try your hand at it. You will find the Designer Digital's blog on the tool bar on the far right hand side ... just click it on and find challenges ... and news of the Thrifty Thursday products there ... plus lots more!

    I will look forward to your layouts in the gallery. So glad that you introduced yourself.

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    WELCOME!!! You HAVE found the right place indeed

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    Welcome Donna. So glad you found us :-)

    Cassie's tutorial is a great start. I know what you mean about not being "crafty". I was definitely glue and scissors challenged, but never looked back once I turned digital.

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    Hi Donna!! I am so happy you have found DD!! It is always fun to have someone new join us - it is the friendliest and most supportive place for sure.

    You have a good plan and I can't wait to see your work! Don't hesitate - you are going to love it! If you have any questions, go ahead and ask.
    * Aino *

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    Just wanted to add my "Welcome to DD!!"

    I was in the same place you are... not too happy with the way my paper layouts were turning out and now I pretty much love everything I do digitally! It definitely suits me better so hopefully it will suit you too!
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    Hi, Donna! just dive in. that's my best advice. don't look for the "right" way. once you've done a tutorial of the basics, just get started. there's always someone around here to help if you get stuck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatnext View Post
    Hi, Donna! just dive in. that's my best advice. don't look for the "right" way. once you've done a tutorial of the basics, just get started. there's always someone around here to help if you get stuck!
    Phylis said it perfectly!! I just want to add my own welcome to DD!!! It's a great place to learn and meet some wonderfully talented and friendly scrappers!!

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