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Thread: Noobie, confused and need help!

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    Noobie, confused and need help!'s that for a title? This is my first post so please be gentle on me. Sorry in advanced if I posted this in the wrong place.

    OK, so when I make a LO and then save it as a PSD file and then close it, I have a problem whenever I want to edit it later. What happens is whenever I open it and want to edit a layer (e.g. like rotating the element) it turns it white like it becomes a JPG instead of staying transparent like a PNG. I hope that makes sense. Please help...what am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advanced!

    ETA: I use PSE7.

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    Sorry I can't help you but I wanted to welcome you to DD. It's nice to see new faces. I'm sure someone will come along that will be able to help you. Can't wait to see your work in the gallery.

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    It sounds like it might be flattening the image before saving it. Are all of the layers still separate in the Layers palette when you save?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1gr8muggle View Post
    It sounds like it might be flattening the image before saving it. Are all of the layers still separate in the Layers palette when you save?
    Yes, they are all still layers. Here are some screenshots to show you what I mean. I am about to pull my hair out...I don't know what I am doing wrong. Thanks for the warm welcome and for all your help.

    Pic 1: Is when I open the document
    Pic 2: Is when I rotate the big frame but before I click on the green checkmark
    Pic 3: Is what happens after I hit the green checkmark. Weird, huh???

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    My guess is that you are dragging these items up from the project bin, which turns them into Smart objects with white boxes around them. You can avoid this by closing the project bin and opening new items in the main workspace. You can then drag them onto your layout from the main workspace and they should be fine and without the white box around them. Let me know if this works!
    Lynn (also known as Lynnie!)

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    Yes, I do drag them from the project bin. But they are still transparent when I drag them from there and when I save it as a PSD and close it. It is when I re-open the file and try to edit it later. So is that why they are losing their transparency...because I drag them from the project bin? If that is the reason I am so mad at myself. Grrrrrr.

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    Yep, you are right. UGGGGHHHHH...I am so mad at myself. Now I can't edit any of my pages that I have done this far? There is no way to fix this? I have been racking my brain of why I have been having this issue. Thank you so I know but I am still sad because I can't edit any of my other LO's without having to start from scratch. Is there any hope?

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    Well, I've been playing around and I think this may help. Open your layout. Go to the layer that is causing the problem. Right click on the layer and choose "Simplify Layer" from the pop up menu. Now the layer should act as a regular layer and quite causing you problems! Give this a try and report back if this works!
    Lynn (also known as Lynnie!)

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    You are so incredibly AWESOME...I could just hug you. Thank you so much for your help. I am a happy girl now.

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    I'm glad you have it figured out. Hugs back to you! I can't wait to see some of your layouts!
    Lynn (also known as Lynnie!)

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    Welcome!! I'm so glad that with Lynn's help you were able to figure out your problem! So happy to have you here!
    LOVES it here!

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    Thank you so much for the warm welcome. This seems like such a great place. I am looking forward to learning more.

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    and WOW, Lynn!!!

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    Isn't it great to have smart people to ask about these things? Welcome to the boards!

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    Welcome to DD!

    Great job Lynn!
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    We are excited to have you here at DD and can't wait to see your pages. Way to go, Lynn! It is so nice to have so many people trying to help us out when we get into a frustrating situation.
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    Welcome =) Lynn I'm impressed!!!

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    Leave it to Lynnie!!! I am so glad you got your issues resoved! Welcome to DD, it's great to have you here!!

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    How awesome is that?! Nice, Lynn!

    Welcome to DD! I agree... this place ROCKS. And I love your page that's showing in the screenshots there. Looking forward to seeing more!
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