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Thread: Where and how is the best way to learn how to produce altered art?

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    Where and how is the best way to learn how to produce altered art?

    I realize that the greatest part of this is just pure talent, and part happenstance, but does Digital Artist, or other publications offer any walk-throughts that demonstrate how an artist actually produces these layouts?
    I've used Photoshop for more than four years and all of the paid tutorials are useless to me, I want more advanced tips, tricks, and techniques.

    Anyone have the same problem? Anyone solved problem?

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    We don't carry Digital Artist so we're not the place to ask about that one.

    A lot of tips, trick techniques can be picked up all over the net. I've used Photoshop for nearly 20 years now and still learn new things all the time. I think exploring and experimentation is the best way to learn how to take the tips you've learned with brushes and masks and make them into techniques for altered art! HTH!
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    hmm, its tough question youre asking Altered art is, IMO, not something you can 'teach' its more a form of letting go artwise and expressing yourself. Not a technique. I'm sure there are lots of smaller altered art trading card walk thro out there if you need a creative shove
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    how I learned

    What she said is very can't really just be taught..but, you can take the Art Journaling classes taught by Dina Wakely at Debbie Hodges site Get it Scrapped. There are two classes that are archived and a new class starting the end of the month. There are video will learn methods and techniques which you can fairly easily learn to do digitally...and then it just flows. It's so much fun and really interesting. The sky is the limit...and there are tons of supplies right here that are perfect for it. Katie has some really cool old photos that are perfect for making an altered page. I would highly recommend the classes and then see where you go with's just amazing! There are some good magazines to. Hope this helps!


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    I'm doing Patti Knox's class (Art Journalling) over at Get it Scrapped and am learning lots of digital techiques I've never tried before. Perhaps this would help.



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