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Thread: For those of you who submit....

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    For those of you who submit....

    Question. Some of the calls mention submitting pages that have not been seen anywhere, like an on-line gallery. For those of you who regularly get your layouts picked up, are they layouts you have made specifically to submit to calls (and have not posted here) or do they also pick up pages you have had posted here or other galleries?

    I have done several pages recently that I know I will submit to the current CK calls but I also love sharing here.

    Just curious, Thanks!
    Julie DeGuia
    Kennewick, WA
    My Blog

  2. I've had layouts requested from both ck and bhg after they've been in the gallery here. Memory Makers is the only one that I know is a stickler for the never-before-seen.

    If you'd prefer, you could always hold back the seasonal ones until the mags have finished their request for that season.


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    Thanks for answering Terri.
    Julie DeGuia
    Kennewick, WA
    My Blog



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